Readjustment of Attica Tollway toll rates to account for the new VAT

From July 1, 2010 the Attica Tollway toll rates will be readjusted within the framework of the two VAT rate increases from 19% to 23%. Since February 2006 the toll rates in Attica Tollway have not changed.

At the same time the rates applicable for the subscription programs are readjusted. The subscription programmes continue, following the readjustment, to offer to the Attica Tollway users significant discounts, ranging from 10% to 33%. The new rates of the e-PASS subscription programmes will apply from July 1 and for passenger cars, for the basic Express program will now cost EUR 2.52 per passage. Furthermore, the escalating prices of the Friendly and Business programmes will now be EUR 2.52, EUR 2.24  and EUR 1.96 respectively, depending on range of the number of passages. Regarding the Bonus programme, the possibility of making 15 passages free of charge within each calendar month is preserved.
Attica Tollway would like to inform its users that, even though traffic on the Tollway exceeds the initial traffic forecasts, the overall financial indicators of the Project, up to now, are in accordance with the initial financial model, given that the toll rates are significantly lower than the contractual limit provided in the Concession Contract of EUR 3.68  for passenger cars.
The new toll rates will be applicable as from July 1, 2010. For drivers paying in cash at the toll booth, the new rates are published in the PDF document below.