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European Sustainability Academy (ESA)

European Sustainability Academy (ESA)

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Since: 01.05.2013
Sustainable Business and Corporate Responsibility (CSR) International Centre

Drapanos, GR-730 08 Chania, Crete, Greece

Empowering Women in Tourism at ESA

29.08.2017 Share

Empowering Women in Tourism at ESA

17th September

As part of the extraordinary and impressive offerings of ESA 5th Women Empowerment – Global Summit and Awards this year we are breaking new ground and collaborating with Travel Massive Crete to host the first event for ‘Empowering Women in Tourism’ roundtable discussion and workshop.

At this event we will examine the importance of women in the tourism sector, explore the issues facing women in tourism and present some practical guidance.

Come along and share your thoughts and ideas with likeminded people who are experiencing the same issues, in a beautiful setting, accompanied by Cretan wine and Cretan savouries.

Travel Massive is the world’s largest network of travel industry change makers who want to make travel better in more than 176 countries. The core values of the group include:

• We believe that great ideas happen when you bring talented people together.

• We stand for – building meaningful partnerships, fostering innovation, supporting diversity, empowering change, promoting responsible travel. And creating happiness.