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Valuation & Research Specialists (VRS)

Valuation & Research Specialists (VRS)

Member: Gold
Since: 15.11.2012

104, Aiolou Street, GR-105 64 Athens, Greece


28.01.2021 Share

Mergers & Acquisitions, Initial Public Offerings, Secondary Public Offerings, Private Placements, Share Capital Increases, Corporate Bond Issues, Private Equity Deals, Startup Funding, Sales of Assets, Transfers of Contracts



All corporate deals, deal related events and numerical data presented in this report constitute a product of collective research and processing of press releases, business news as well as other related sources. The report has not been part of any effort to cover in depth any particular business sector or areas of economic activity.

In addition, all corporate deals, deal related events and numerical data presented in this report are noted on the basis of their collection or announcement date, and no effort has been made to present how these corporate deals or actions have evolved up to the release date of this report.

Information and data contained herein has been obtained from recognized business news networks, corporate websites, company reports or other communications and sources, believed to be reliable. However, such information and data has not been verified by VRS and VRS does not make any representation as to its accuracy and completeness.

Neither the information nor any opinion expressed herein shall constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy any shares, warrants, convertible securities or options of the presented deals or companies by no means.

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