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3BL Media: Stronger Soil Equals a Healthier Ecosystem

22.06.2021 Share

The ground beneath our feet has helped humanity grow and thrive for millions of years. Soil is the foundation for successful harvests. That’s why we’re constantly trying to understand and learn from it. By openly pursuing research opportunities and new ideas with partners, we’re not only trying to improve agriculture’s relationship with soil but provide the resources that will help us build a better future for all.

Just like the air we breathe or the water we drink, soil needs to be protected. The right soil composition allows roots to perform their function properly. Roots capture water, nutrients, and minerals as well as anchor plants in the ground. Whenever the health of roots is compromised, plants are weakened, and without fertile soil, roots cannot grow.

At Bayer, we’re building an innovative approach that brings together tailored solutions to help farmers have better harvests, while maintaining soil health. 

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