Aiming to enhance the skills of future tourism executives in the use of advanced technologies and to highlight the role of technology in decision-making in smart tourism organizations, Alba has launched a new partnership with the EUROTEL Group. The EUROTEL Group offers technological solutions for the broader hospitality field for more than 30 years, and the new partnership takes place in the context of the MSc in Tourism Management and the course Business Decisions with Data and Models. 

The scope of the Business Decisions with Data and Models course is to enhance the ability to solve business problems, through the use of technological tools and data analysis. The course revolved around the importance of technology in designing a unique and personalized customer experience. Through real case studies and workshops offered by leading executives in the Hospitality and IT industry, participants become acquainted with the innovations that shape the current tourism landscape. Classes concludes with group presentations by students. 

Participants gain valuable insights, practical knowledge and a deeper understanding of the evolving, new technology-dominated landscape in the tourism sector, and learn how to become valuable assets for any tourism business. 

Hailing the partnership, Dr. Evangelia Baralou, Academic Director of the MSc in Tourism Management, Alba Graduate Business School said: “Modern tourism businesses need executives who know and understand the vital value of technological solutions and how these can contribute to its operation and development. We are happy to expand the network of collaborations with the EUROTEL Group, which always supports us, and we hope to proceed with more initiatives in the future”. 

Group Managing Director of the EUROTEL Group, Ms. Natasa Karatza praised the collaboration with Alba and emphasized the program’s learning objectives and offerings: “We are honored to have the opportunity to partner with Alba Graduate Business School and participate in the design and delivery of part of the MSc in Tourism Management. Our goal is to equip students with the skills they will need in real-work situations, utilizing IT and technology tools to be able to make the best possible decisions under complex conditions”.

Source: Press Release