Alpha Bank: Environmental Impact Investments

Combining investment products with tree-planting action

In line with its sustainable and responsible investment strategy, Alpha Bank introduces in the
Greek market the concept of Impact Investing, by offering environmental impact investment
products to its Private Banking Customers.

This innovative initiative combines an investment product with a targeted tree-planting action, as
for every Euro 1,000 of nominal value of investor participation in these investment products, a
tree is planted by the environmental company Reforest’Action.

Starting in 2021, Alpha Bank Private Banking Customers participating in these investment
products contribute to the protection of the environment, by financing, through Reforest’Action, the
planting of 17,379 trees, which will help capture 2,606 metric tons of carbon dioxide, providing
shelter to more than 52,000 wild animals, generating more than 69,500 months of oxygen and
creating 17,380 hours of work. For the implementation of this activity, Reforest’Action, in
collaboration with the Forest Research Institute of Thessaloniki, has chosen the Aronas
forest, located in the Municipality of Katerini, as the forest where tree-planting will take place.
Alpha Bank’s Investment Portfolios Management Division Manager Panos Remoundos made
the following statement:

“Alpha Bank, remaining firmly committed to offering innovative investment products over time,
adopts and promotes sustainability standards and ESG criteria, thus contributing positively to the
environment and society. We continue to lead developments in this area, combining modern
investment products with a remarkable and concerted effort for restoring forests, thus enabling our
Customers to actively contribute to environmental protection.”

About Reforest’Action

Reforest’Action was founded in 2010, having as its mission to preserve, restore and create new forests
around the world. With its reforestation initiatives, it calls on individuals and companies to take concrete
action to protect forests.

From its establishment to this day, Reforest’Action has planted more than 10 million trees with help from
more than 150,000 citizens and has contributed to the improvement of living conditions for more than
150,000 people worldwide. At the same time, it has raised awareness of caring for forests among more
than 20 million people. The Company’s particularly ambitious goal for the years ahead (up to 2030) is to
plant or take protection measures for a total of 1 billion trees.

Source: Press Release