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Sustainable development constitutes an integral part of the strategy adopted by HEDNO since the very first day of its operation.
Having acquired a central role in the Greek electricity market, HEDNO readjusts its Sustainable Development strategy, focusing on man and the environment.
The Company’s compass is the UN 17 targets of sustainable development for 2030 aiming at strengthening as much as possible its financial, social and environmental contribution.

The investments on “Smart Grids”, implemented by HEDNO, allow for the bigger and more efficient integration of the Renewable Energy Sources into the energy balance, significantly contributing to the decrease of air pollutant emissions and the, subsequent, improvement of the quality of life.
HEDNO’s operational planning and its strategic projects lead at fast paces to the zero carbon economy and the achievement of climate targets set at a national but also at a European level.
HEDNO’s comprehensive plan for Electromobility shall contribute to the decrease of CO2 emissions in the transportation sector, generating positive impacts on the health, environment and economy.
By intensely modernizing the Network, leading to a considerable increase in the penetration of the Renewable Energy Sources (RES), HEDNO shall decisively contribute to the decrease of the adverse environmental impact per capita in the cities.
Another priority for HEDNO is to avert the loss of biodiversity and protect threatened species. Through the cooperation with competent bodies and organizations, it protects the networks in locations where rare species of birds live, implementing significant interventions and adopting new technologies.
It intensively cares for the safe transit and staying of migratory species through/in our country and closely cooperates with NGOs to care for the wildlife in our country. At the same time, it implements actions for the protection of natural wealth, such as tree cutting and cleaning soil vegetation for forest protection.
The “aesthetic” protection of the environment is another key target, with priority given to the construction of underground networks in traditional settlements or settlements of special interest (in terms of culture or tourism).

The improvement of the quality of the provided services is a priority for HEDNO. 
The basic goal is the continuous improvement of the electricity quality indices, along with all relevant indices related to the improvement of its customers’ service. 
By modernizing the Network, the strategic Projects lead to the upgrading of provided services, whereas the new modern communication ways with the customers (call centers, mobile apps) to the upgrading of their servicing.
In this framework, HEDNO has applied the “Guaranteed Services” program through which guaranteed quality limits are provided for most of its services.
Responsible consumption is also a key axis for the Company’s Sustainable Development strategy as the consumers’ safety when using electricity is of major importance. The communication actions of HEDNO to inform all consumers how to avoid accidents when using electricity aim at ensuring “responsible and safe consumption”.
HEDNO supports initiatives and NGOs aiming at fighting poverty, hunger, social exclusion and the prevention in terms of the citizens’ health. 
The company offers employment to university and TEI as well as Technical Schools students, in the framework of their traineeships, passing its staff’s huge know-how to young people; it also holds seminars for secondary education students related to energy saving methods; it holds special training seminars and conferences contributing to the quality education of the country.
For its employees, it continues and intensifies the effort to maintain and ensure the appropriate work environment and equal opportunities for development, offering opportunities for “life-long learning” , skill and knowledge development, through corporate training programs and special education programs, ensuring at the same time gender equality both in hiring new employees and career development.
Finally, health and safety issues constitute a field of high priority, also due to the scope of work of the technical staff, with continuous training to ensure that all safe work rules are adopted.

HEDNO is one of the biggest employers all over the country, directly employing about 7000 people and indirectly 5000 people. The sustainable development strategy starts first of all from the Company and its staff.
The priority for HEDNO is the development and satisfaction of its staff and the establishment of a corporate culture. To this end, projects related to the development of skills and professional growth of its staff wishing to improve the performance, and the cooperation and communication environment are implemented.
Apart from the considerable benefits for the environment and the consumers, the operational program of HEDNO contributes significantly to the growth of the Greek economy but also to research, development and innovation.
The investment program of HEDNO, according to the 5-year Business Plan, forecasts EUR 1.2 billion for investments in total. The amount of EUR 200 million is invested every year in HEDNO projects, of which more than 15% is for investments for HEDNO modernization.
HEDNO’s business as a total generates around 33,000 direct full-time jobs per year in the country.
A key strategic framework for HEDNO is research and development with emphasis on innovation and the introduction of new planning, operation and management practices of the electricity distribution networks.

HEDNO S.A. (Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator S.A.) was formed by the separation of the Distribution Department from PPC S.A., according to L. 4001/2011 and in compliance with 2009/72/EC EU Directive relative to the electricity market organization with the goal to undertake the tasks of the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator. It is a 100% subsidiary of PPC S.A., however, it is independent in operation and management retaining all the independence requirements that are incorporated within the above mentioned legislative framework.  
Our company tasks include the operation, maintenance and development of the power distribution network in Greece, as well as the assurance of a transparent and impartial access of consumers and of all network users in general. We aim at providing reliable power supply to our Customers, quality of electricity voltage and constant improvement of quality in services. 
Our mission and vision is the response to our Customers’ expectations and the contribution to the development and welfare of our fellow citizens with respect to people and to the environment.