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Founded in 1998, HELLENIC PETROLEUM is one of the leading energy groups in South East
Europe, with activities spanning across the energy value chain and presence in
6 countries.

In 2019, Group Adjusted EBITDA amounted to €572m,
on total revenues of €8.9bn.

Refining is the Group’s core business,
accounting for 75% of total assets. It owns three of the four refineries in
Greece, of 344 kbpd total capacity, with a 60% share of the Greek wholesale oil
products market.

The Group is the domestic ground fuels marketing leader,
with a retail network of c.1
service stations throughout Greece as well as LPG, industrial, aviation and
marine fuels and lubricants businesses.

HELLENIC PETROLEUM is a leading player in SE European
. Through its storage and logistics assets and network of
over 300 petrol stations is one of the key fuels marketing players in Cyprus, Serbia,
Bulgaria, Montenegro and Republic of North Macedonia

The Group’s exploration and production activities are focused on Greece by developing an
exploration portfolio in onshore and offshore areas, either independently or in
collaboration with leading companies in the sector such as Total, ExxonMobil,
Repsol and Edison.

HELLENIC PETROLEUM is the sole petrochemicals producer in
Greece, mainly active in the propylene- polypropylene value chain. Domestic
market shares exceed 50%, while exports, mainly in Turkey and other
Mediterranean countries account for c. 68% of sales.

Moreover, HELLENIC PETROLEUM is active in the field
of renewable
energy sources
with a portfolio of 26 MW in operation and
approximately 1,000MW in various development stages, including a 204MW PV
project, one of the 5 largest in Europe.

HELLENIC PETROLEUM is also active in the power and gas
. Power generation and trading activities are carried out through
ELPEDISON, a JV with EDISON, which owns and operates two CCGT plants in Greece,
totaling 810MW and is also present in the retail electricity market.

The Group is present in the natural gas sector
through its 35% stake in DEPA, which is undergoing a transformation process
with the partial demerger of the infrastructure sector and the spin-off of the
international business sector, while it is renamed to DEPA Commercial.
International tender processes for the sale of DEPA Infrastructure as well as
of HRADF’s percentage on DEPA Commercial are ongoing.

implements a great number of Corporate Social Responsibility actions supporting the Society and the protection of
the Environment

www.helpe.gr / info@helpe.gr / http://sustainabilityreport2019.helpe.gr/en

CSR and the Group
The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is either a significant element or emerges as a built-in mechanism in the everyday operation of the Group, as well as in the policies and business strategy.

The Group, using scheduled surveys of public opinion, looks into the results from the application of CSR programmes, in order to address our resources and activities towards the sectors that are most essential for the society and its people.

Within this framework, and for investments concerning the optimization of the facilities, the infrastructure or projects concerning the improvement of the environmental profile, the peoples’ opinion is taken in consideration. Moreover, by means of dialogue and other communication means, we consistently invest in the meaning and the applications of Sustainable Development, integrating the CSR principles in the business strategy and plan, not only because of ethical obligation but because they are closely coupled with the modern business practice.

This commitment is implemented through a large number of actions, which are addressed both to local communities, where the business activities are conducted, but also to the broader society both in Greece and abroad.

We plan and implement an extended Corporate Social Responsibility programme after setting the following targets:

  • Determine actions giving priority to local communities.
  • Preparation and implementation of long term Corporate Social Responsibility Programmes.
  • Encourage and empower human resources and improve workplace environment.
  • Voluntary commitment to initiatives, best practices, principles and codes which support the coupling between corporate strategy and sustainability; after planned looking into the issues that concern our stakeholders.
  • Based on the above, we pay special attention to sectors such as health, education, sports and culture and we support vulnerable groups, senior citizens, students and young people.

Our Group, since its establishment, has supported initiatives and actions that promote the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility. Since 2005, HELLENIC PETROLEUM, HELLENIC FUELS & EKO have  been   active members of the Hellenic Network for CSR, a member of CSR Europe.

HELLENIC PETROLEUM actively contributed to the establishment of the Council for Sustainable Development. This Council operates within the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV) and the Group’s CEO serves as vice president of the Council for Sustainable Development.

Our goal for the immediate future is to improve our operation, increase our Corporate Social Responsibility performance and contribute in sustainable development, improve relations with human resources, extend social solidarity and ensure relationships of trust with the local community and society in general.

For our People
The never-ending care for the health and the safety of our employees and the concern for their families consist a part of the recognition we owe to our people for our success.

We believe that the accomplishment of our strategic goals and the future of the Group depend on our people which are our driving force.

The “life learning programmes” are part of the same framework targeting to the continuous improvement of the employees’ skills, knowledge and capabilities.

Support to local communities
Always bearing in mind the human factor and the quality of life, programmes and activities were designed and addressed, mainly, towards municipalities and communities where the Group operates at the Thriasion and West Thesssaloniki regions.

Among the significant Group’s initiatives towards groups of beneficiaries, were:

To socially vulnerable groups

  • The programme “let’s go camping 2010”, with the participation of 253 children from the neighbouring to our installations municipalities & NGO.
  • Free food provision to NGO, neighbouring municipalities and Church (during the Christmas and Easter periods).
  • Donation of car-fuel & heating oil to NGO and 340 destitute families.
  • The donation of a converted car for the transportation of people with special needs, to the Eleftherio-Kordelio Municipality.

To senior citizens

  • Free check-ups for senior citizens from the local communities.
  • Financial support, provision of meals and donation of equipment to the Elderly Leisure-Time Centers (KAPH) at Magoula & Ehedoros.

To young people & education

  • Rewarding program to 352 first year students, from the neighbouring, to our installations, municipalities.
  • Donation of educational material and financial support for the pupils transportation (educational visits) to 27 schools.
  • Support for the organization of celebrations to schools of Thriacion region.
  • Donation of  heating oil to 55 schools of Thriacion region and the Special School of A. Liosia, financial support to 7 schools for the  organization of visits and events, scholarships to 5 university schools.
  • Sponsorships for conferences and events of educational institutes.

To environment & quality of life 

  • Provision of supplies to the Hellenic Rescue Team (EMAK, Fire Brigade).
  • Sponsorship for the reoperation of the pollution measuring stations of the Aspropyrgos municipality.
  • Deforestation works on the national road, in cooperation with Elefsina municipality, on the Environment Day.
  • Sponsorship for the construction of a cover for the municipal swimming pool at Chaidari.
  • Sponsorship for the construction of a nursery at the Eleftherio-Kordelio municipality.
  • Donation of a truck for refuse collection & three containers to the Elefsina municipality and a multiple purpose vehicle to the Mandra municipality.

To athletics & culture

  • Financial support to  athletic clubs and athletes of neighbouring communities (at Thriacion and western Thessaloniki municipalities), for purchasing of athletic material, transportation expenses, etc.
  • Financial support to the Schools Championship 5×5 (elementary schools of the Elefsina municipality).
  • Sponsoring and supporting of numerous cultural events organised by neighbouring to our installations municipalities and other organizations.
  • Cultural events (Aeschylia, Thriacia, Zervonikolia) organized by neighbouring municipalities (Thriacion region).

Contribution to the broader society
The responsible attitude, the sponsorships, the donations and the support characterize the Group’s culture and business strategy. The Group both supported and took on programmes and activities concering society, environment, health, athletics, vulnerable groups, educational institutions and cultural events, such as:

  • Financial support to NGOs and Foundations (eg. associations of disabled / handicapped, “The Smile of the Child”, Elliniko Paidiko Chorio Filiro”, LIFE LINE HELLAS, Medecins du Monde, etc.)
  • Sponsorships for conferences and events of educational institutes.
  • Donation of a spectrometer FTIR and counter RVP to the Lab of Fuels & Lubricants of the NTU.
  • Financing of research program for the use of bioethanol, in cooperation the Lab of Fuels & Lubricants of the NTU.
  • Financial support to the activities of the Foundation for Mediterranean Studies.
  • Contribution to Goulandris Natural History Museum for the updating of the information concerning the Greek wetlands.
  • Sponsorship to the Polytechnic of Crete for the organization of the 2nd conference on “Hazardous Industrial Waste Management”.
  • Sponsorship to cover the transportation expenses of a team working on ‘”Green Action – Clean Forests” in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment, Energy & Climate Change.
  • Donation of heating oil to the Voluntary Corp of Greek Firemen & Replanters.
  • Sponsorships for the organization of performances, events or exhibitions such as: Presentation of the annual cultural edition EPILOGOS.
  • To the Foundation of the Hellenic World for the promotion of the virtual reality program “trip to ancient Preini”.
  • To the N. Kosmos theatre.
  • To the Road Safety Institute P. Mylonas, to support actions in the frame of the European week on road safety.
  • To the Herakleidon Museum for the exhibition “the Edgar Degas collection”.
  • To the Athens Concert Hall for the section “famous performers”.
  • Festival Demetria 2010, free ticket to employees to attend theatrical performance.
  • To the annual cultural event organized by the association Gefyra A. Athanasiou.