INZEB: New Report – “Clean” Energy Bills for all citizens in the EU

INZEBHeinrich Boell Stiftung Foundation, Thessaloniki, Greece, the Consumers’ Association “The Quality of Life” EKPIZO and the European Consumer Organisation BEUC, have released a new report on “Clean” Energy Bills for all citizens in the EU.

The report addresses how should energy bills be structured to be understandable and easy to read by the consumers. In addition, it highlights the necessity of removing the additional charges which aren’t related to the electricity consumption.

Templates of energy bills, additional costs, how consumer-friendly an energy bill is, and if there are other options apart from the national electricity providers and private companies for consumers to cover their electricity needs; are some of the information collected through a survey, answered by experts across EU. The report shows the similarities and the differences between 25 countries of the EU related to energy bills.

You may download the report, here.

Source: Website Newsroom