Alpha Bank releases its Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2015

Please find below Alpha Bank S.A.’s Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2015.

Alpha Bank releases its Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2015

Alpha Bank released, for the ninth consecutive year, its Corporate Social Responsibility Report as an independent publication. 

The Report was prepared in accordance with the internationally recognised GRI G4 Sustainability Reporting guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), as well as with the principles of AccountAbility’s AA1000 Principles Standard. The Report’s preparation was also based on a series of meetings with Officers from various Units of the Bank, under the coordination of the Corporate Social Responsibility Section. Following a relevant audit by KPMG Certified Auditors A.E., the Bank was found to meet the requirements of the GRI G4 “In accordance – Core” criteria.

The highlights of the Corporate Responsibility Report 2015 are summarised below:

Together for the Market
  • Provision of support to consumers, with the issuance of debit cards and subscription codes for the Bank’s alternative networks, so that they could cover their daily needs.
  • Upgrading of the banking service level offered, with the redesign of the Alpha Web and Alpha Mobile Banking services.
  • Continued support of modern entrepreneurship, with the Alpha e-Commerce electronic commerce service.
  • Bonus points redemption option to support the work of public benefit foundations and charities.

Together with our People
  • Participation of the Alpha Bank Group in the Regeneration programme, aimed at strengthening employment for people aged up to 30.
  • Implementation of Training Programmes on advanced finance, call centre support and Customer relationship development and management.
  • Group Savings Plan.

Together for the Environment
  • Participation in the “Earth Hour” initiative for the 7th consecutive year. 20.4 tn of savings in paper from sending electronic account statements (e-statements) instead of mailing hard copy ones.
  • Continuation of e-learning and web training activities (with a total of 3,595 participants), in order to limit our environmental footprint.
  • Pilot installation of LED lighting units in Branches and Buildings of the Bank and replacement of old, energy-consuming systems.

Together for the Society
  • Continuation of the programme “Together, for better health” for the donation of pharmaceutical supplies and medical equipment to support local health centres on Greek islands.
  • Continuation of the “Helping Hand” programme for the donation of food supplies to socially vulnerable groups.
  • The programme “The defacements that hurt” was successfully continued and was also expanded to Thessaloniki.
  • The programme “Together with the children, at the Museum and the Theatre!”, offered to children from children’s homes and foundations the opportunity to visit museums and attend performances of plays for children.
  • Participation of 784 employees in volunteer events.
  • Alpha Bank Group Volunteer Day (7 countries, over 1,000 Volunteers).

Consistent in its commitment to the protection of the environment, the Bank has released its Corporate Social Responsibility Report as an electronic publication that is available on its website, at