European Reliance is rewarding Youth Entrepreneurship

European Reliance encourages and rewards Youth Entrepreneurship through its educational program “Entrepreneurship in action”.

More concretely, European Reliance in the framework of its collaboration with the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens offered a cash prize to the best business proposal submitted during the 2nd cycle of the educational program implemented by the Laboratory of Investment Applications of the aforementioned institution.

Participants had the opportunity to prepare their business plan during a two-month period and submit it for evaluation to the steering committee. After consultation, the committee chose DISCOVERY PATH by Maria Hadjikonstantinou business plan as the best one. DISCOVERY PATH promoted environmental and cultural training in schools in Egypt and the Middle East.

European Reliance has been actively supporting the development of innovative ideas hosting and financially supporting six startups. Moreover, our company reinforces initiatives aiming at enhancing training of young, creative people in the field of business development.