New online application for HEDNO

HEDNO would like to announce that a new online application shall start operating at to help consumers enter the property’s account number and be promptly informed about the expiry date of the Licensed Electrician Certificate and timely proceed with the compulsory inspections of their electrical installations. 

A condition for the initial electricity supply of all properties (residential and business properties) is the issuance of a Licensed Electrician Certificate certifying that the internal installation has been inspected, that it complies with the regulations and the property can be safely connected to the Electricity Supply Network. 

The properties’ owners should, at their own initiative and responsibility, arrange the inspection of the internal installations and the issuance of a new Licensed Electrician Certificate at regular intervals, as set forth in the applicable law1 . Indicatively, residential properties must be inspected every 14 years, business properties every 7 years, outdoor installations every 1 year etc. 

Furthermore, a new Licensed Electrician Certificate must be issued following an inspection if the use of the property changes or in case of an extension of the electrical installation or change of its agreed validity as well as after severe damage due to force majeure incidents etc. 

HEDNO would like to highlight once again the severity and importance of the meaningful inspections of internal electrical installations, as they are related to the safety and health of people and properties; inspections provide protection for the consumers from possible risks (electric shock, fire etc) that have not been fully prevented to date and in some cases have led to loss of life. 

This new online application allows owners or users of the properties to be informed about the expiry date of the Licensed Electrician Certificate which has been entered at HEDNO’s files; this means that they can be informed whether the Licensed Electrician Certificate is in force or has expired or is to expire soon so that they can arrange the necessary inspection. 

The relatively small cost for the inspection by a licensed electrician and the issuance of a new certificate must not be a barrier for an inspection if one takes into consideration the risks that are averted and the value of human life. 

The new application is part of the general strategy of HEDNO to modernize and upgrade the provided services for the consumers.