Alpha Bank named “Most Active Issuing Bank in 2018 in Greece”

Alpha Bank was named “Most Active Issuing Bank in 2018 in Greece”, by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

This important award, which Alpha Bank has received from the EBRD for the second consecutive year, highlights the Bank’s particularly successful participation in the EBRD’s “Trade Facilitation Programme” and recognises its contribution both in making Greek businesses more extrovert as well as in the overall economic growth.

Through this particular Programme, Alpha Bank, from 2016 to this day, has helped hundreds of Greek businesses reinforce their exports and either start or expand their international commercial activities in all the countries where the EBRD is present. Specifically, the “Trade Facilitation Programme”, through guarantees provided by the EBRD, further improves the credit rating of the Bank’s International Trade products and their acceptance by international banking institutions. Hence, Alpha Bank provides innovative and effective solutions to Greek businesses that represent almost all sectors of the economy, enabling them, among other things, to participate in international competitions as well as make international trade transactions with an extended network of clients and suppliers abroad.

On behalf of Alpha Bank, the Manager of the Wholesale Banking Lending Division Georgia Farmaki, the Senior Manager of the Trading Division Aikaterini Marmara and the Manager of the Financial Products Division Athanassios Pavlidis received the award, at the “2019 EBRD Annual Meeting & Business Forum” that recently took place in Sarajevo.