New bleep Smile Visa card from Alpha Bank and The Smile of the Child

Alpha Bank created a new product of innovation and social contribution, the prepaid “bleep Smile Visa” card, in the framework of its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives and in collaboration with the “The Smile of the Child” Organization.
The “bleep Smile Visa” card complements the circulation of the bleep card by Alpha Bank, the first prepaid card in the Greek market which can be issued in just 5 minutes, without the need to visit a Branch, while exclusively via the bleep app, the Customer can reload and manage the card. 
Besides the excellent Customer experience in the payments sector and the absolute safe transactions it offers, the new prepaid reloadable card “bleep Smile Visa” is a social contribution mean. Specifically, the 50% of the annual subscription of the card is given to the “The Smile of the Child” Organization. Moreover, with every purchase made in physical or online stores, the cardholder offers Euro 0,05 and Alpha Bank doubles the amount. 
The “bleep Smile Visa” is addressed to all consumers using cards for their purchases regardless the bank of their cooperation. The new card is also issued easily and quickly via the bleep app and is sent by post to the cardholders for in-store purchases. 
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