The new building for Pressious Arvanitidis is a landmark

The relocation of “Pressious Arvanitidis” was assigned to STIRIXIS Group  

Press Release

STIRIXIS Group was assigned the relocation of “Pressious Arvanitidis” to a standalone building of app. 15.000 square feet (1.500 sqm) deployed in 3 levels, at Kifisias Avenue – one of the busiest arteries connecting downtown Athens to its northern suburbs.

Pressious Arvanitidis, is the biggest offset printing company in Greece and a flagship company in the printing sector, a truly valuable partner for its customers. This project is an important step in the company’s growth plans as it involves the launch of a holistic 360° concept (offices, digital printing area and showroom/exhibition area), diligently serving the company’s slogan “Print Your Mind”. 

After the assessment of potential sites, the chosen building was redesigned as a “total maker over” by STIRIXIS Group, to serve Pressious Arvanitidis’s corporate strategic objectives and accommodate all functional needs with a view to the future. The project seamlessly integrated different uses and areas, creating a functional whole which differentiates the brand further and positions it effectively as a leader in the creative market.

The new workplace, showroom and digital printing facility of Pressious Arvanitidis, all under the same building and in one of the most commercial points of the city, provide high level of user and customer experience, complying to the highest standards of Health, Safety and Wellness. Designed on current workplace trends, the concept allows a wide choice of work areas, and an impressive play between private and social areas. State-of-the-art technology is used, including Signify’s first application in SE Europe of trulifi, the fast, secure data transmission through light.

Pressious Arvanitidis’s CEO, Ananias Arvanitidis, commentedover their  cooperation: “STIRIXIS Group was our choice when it came to relocating our company’s head offices and creating a new extrovert concept and a new production site, all in one. The project’s multi-use was clearly demanding, and a unique asset was identified for it. On one of the busiest avenues of Athens, STIRIXIS group designed a completely new concept, attractive, functional, truly based on our business needs and RoI in the long run. The transformation of the building is impressive and was accomplished exceeding all our project goals and expectations by STIRIXIS Group. Our new offices reflect the company’s brand image and create an impressive user experience on all levels. Our showroom and exhibition, connected with the new production area, is versatile and accommodates all our events, exhibitions and customer presentations in a unique way. STIRIXIS Group listened and understood all our needs and turned them very efficiently and seamlessly into an all-inclusive building that we are very proud to have our logo on!”

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