EUROPEAN RELIANCE: Bronze award in the Impact BITE Awards

European Reliance General Insurance Co. S.A. added to its selection another digital distinction, the Bronze award for the design of, within the framework of Impact BITE Awards 2021.

The Company received this distinction, in the category “Automation & Support of Sales / Marketing”, paying all criteria of the panel.

The awarded website was created after a close co-operation with Linakis Digital, one of the most reliable companies in the field of digital transformation, was the turning point for European Reliance and is totally aligned with the vision and its digital transformation strategy.

Since the beginning of these operations, the Company implemented the design, using all modern trends and technologies, with basic axis high aesthetics, a functional design, a user-friendly and simple profile. The modern graphic design, the fast calculation of premiums and the ability of direct communication with the Company and its representatives, are only a few of the services that each visitor will meet.

In European Reliance, the adoption of new technologies and the creation of innovative digital systems are an investment, that will contribute to the facilitation of the operations of the Insurance Intermediaries, will create added value to the Insured and will prove that it is an Organization that constantly develops in a constantly changing environment.

Article Source: Website Newsroom