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The HYGEIA Group portfolio comprises 3 hospitals in Greece: DTCA HYGEIA, MITERA General, Maternity, Gynecological & Children’s Hospital, and LETO Hospital. It also owns a Molecular Biology & Cytogenetics Center (AlfaLab), and a company trading in special materials, consumables, pharmaceuticals and general medical supplies (Y-LOGIMED). Furthermore, it is active in the area of research, production and trading of medical cosmetics (BEATIFIC).
Over the last 48 years, the HYGEIA Group hospitals have been continuously offering ground-breaking and superior quality services to their patients, both in terms of infrastructure and organization, putting safety first. Setting as its main priority to fully address the growing demands of its patients and to keep pace with the advancements in medical science, HYGEIA Group shows unwavering commitment in continuing to provide quality healthcare services, in tune with the highest standards worldwide.
HYGEIA Group integrates sustainable development policies in the strategic plans for all its hospitals and companies, as the growth of the Group is inexorably interwoven with society, the environment, its employees and the national economy.

With dedication and vision, we preserve the principles and values that have governed the operation of HYGEIA Group from its establishment to this day, thus demonstrating an increased sense of social responsibility. We incorporate an integrated program of social actions in our daily operations, driven by the significance of business activities on people and the society. Our policy engages in charitable and humanitarian projects and consistently responds to the needs of society. Moreover, through our cooperation with organizations/partners, we put disadvantaged social groups first.

HYGEIA Group pledges to follow the strictest procedures in its hospital operations, so as to constantly decrease its environmental impact. It consistently develops initiatives to protect the environment, aspiring to continuously improve and reduce the environmental footprint of its hospitals.