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Doculand was founded in 2003 with the objective of providing integrated solutions in the field of print communication.

The Vision of our company is to become Your document partner and to hold a Leading Position in the field of Print Services, utilizing the modern technology and know-how, available in a plethora of applications, for the benefit of its partners.

The Mission of our company is to provide Quality Printing Services to companies and organizations that seek to stand out in the modern & competitive business environment, thus contributing to the optimization of their competitiveness and profitability.

Creative Design: The constant passion for finding new, differentiated proposals, in every printed form of communication, in combination with the efficient operating procedures, but also state-of-the-art technological equipment, ensure that every project is always produced according to the specifications, with absolute consistency, creativity and professionalism, providing maximum value to our customers.

Small format Digital Printing

Doculand promotes digital printing to meet the needs of printing when they are in demand, by implementing the so-called print on demand.

• Development of specialized software for managing databases and print files.

• Printing of variable data in all forms of forms.

• Numbering of letters with OCR, OMR, CMC-7 characters etc.

• QR and MICR barcode reading technologies.

• Personalization of communication packages (compositions from forms, documents and products of different types).

• Production of forms with special cutters which overlap unique gifts, different numbers and barcodes.

• High quality four-color digital prints, for applications Private Banking, Investment Funds, Personalized Catalog Selling, as well as for labels of food, beverages, etc.

• Publishing books, reports, presentations and educational material on-demand printing (Print-on-Demand).

• Issuance of personalized booklets and blocks, for checks, receipts and payments.

Offset-Litho Printing

Doculand provides comprehensive printing services for all types of promotional materials, such as:

• Production of brochures, catalogues, leaflets, posters, stickers, envelopes, folders, “with compliments”, notebooks, labels, paper cubes, calendars, etc.

• Printing on any material (paper, cardboard, plastic), publishing books, magazines, newspapers, albums, academic books, manuals and other related publications.

• Production of specialized forms, such as presentation folders, maps, postcards, travel guides, coasters, menus, booklets and forms with embedded envelopes (mail forms).

• Solutions for special applications, such as multiple folds and adhesives, special cutters, coating with aromatic varnishes, use of scrapers and aromatic inks.

• Multipurpose special constructions, which may include scratch cards.

• Forms with invisible ink printing, in some parts of them. This method ensures the uniqueness of the form, usually applied to discount coupons of great monetary value, as well as to contest coupons as the invisible ink appears only under special UV light.

• Forms with integrated card, paper or laminated (single or double sided, with matte or glossy plastic). In these forms, it is possible to print a code number, name and any other variable element, with full identification on the card, as well as in any other part of the form.

• Envelopes of different sizes. Envelopes can be printed with items, without the need to label the recipient’s details.

• Print invitations for any kind of professional event. Through a wide range of papers, colors and designs, you will discover the idea / proposal that expresses you.

Wide format digital printing

Doculand large format digital printing products cover large surfaces, and are produced with state-of-the-art digital methods and indelible Latex or ECO Solvent colors, odorless and long-lasting, applications such as:

• decoration of public and private spaces, homes, offices, hospitals, etc.

• custom wallpapers

• advertising constructions with fabrics

• reproduction of works of art

• supervisory material of exhibitions, conferences, museums, galleries

• sets of plays and television productions

• graphics for bright constructions

• dressing / decorating buildings

• vehicle coverage etc.

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Doculand has developed a strong ecological awareness by following successful business models, has adopted and implements in its daily operation a series of “green” policies, such as:

– waste separation and recycling (papers & inks)

– adoption of environmentally friendly and energy saving equipment

– recycling of old electrical equipment

– contributing to a better future for mankind, encouraging sustainable development in our actions.

In addition to the “green” policies, the company strategically and practically supports sustainability.

ISO 14001: 2015

ISO 14001 is an international standard that recognizes the actions of responsible companies in the management and control of the environment. The certification according to ISO 14001 proves the existence of an Environmental Management System.

Doculand is committed to:

• prevent pollution, in compliance with all environmental laws and regulations, and to continuously improve its environmental performance

• identify all environmental aspects arising from the company’s activities

• set environmental objectives related to environmental policy.

FSC © Forest Stewardship Council ©

FSC © is an international, independent, non-governmental organization that advocates for environmentally sound, socially beneficial and economically sustainable forest management worldwide.

The FSC © Standard for Chain Custody is a Sustainable Forest Management standard for forest protection.

Thus, the certification of Doculand according to the FSC © standard makes us part of this chain and ensures that the products bearing the special mark FSC © with the code of our company, come from forests with responsible management, controlled sources, recycled materials or a combination thereof, while at the same time the company applies the above standard.