Masters cluster of the Global Sustain Club includes companies and organizations that have recognized the importance of Sustainable Development and the contribution of their actions to the environment and society. They have a vision and thirst for knowledge and they seek for solutions to the issues related to their industry. Their purpose is to make the most out of the services provided by the Global Sustain Club, in order to become leaders in Sustainable Development.


Elite cluster of the Global Sustain Club includes companies already leaders in Sustainable Development that wish to receive greater insight from competitive analysis and industry studies, access to and exclusive use of the ESG Rating Tool – the ideal digital tool in collecting, analyzing and evaluating their performance with ESG criteria and the use of performance indicators (KPIs), as well as exclusive presence in “closed” networking events, with the attendance of Government representatives, that aim to create direct and unfiltered information exchange.


Non-Profits enjoy online presence through a dedicated microsite which accommodates press releases and announcements, discounts on special seminars and events, help desk information, participation in e-brunches.