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About Kotsovolos

Kotsovolos is Greece’s leading electrical retailer. Kotsovolos began as a single store in Athens in 1950. Today it trades from 98 physical stores and www.kotsovolos.gr and employs more than 1,700 people.

Dixons Retail is the majority stakeholder of the company since September 2004. The dynamic growth of Kotsovolos has made the company a dominant power of the electrical and electronic products market in Greece.

The company specialises in selling high technology electronic products, computers, domestic appliances, photographic equipment, telecommunication products as well as after-sale delivery, installation, maintenance, repair and product protection services through its Support 360° brand.

Kotsovolos is online on:

Additional information and news about the company can be found at its corporate website http://corporate.kotsovolos.gr/

About Dixons Retail

Dixons Retail is one of the leading European electrical retailers and complimentary services provider through multiple channels. The company employs about 32,000 people in 12 countries. Every year more than 100 million customers prefer Dixons Retail for their online and offline purchases.

Dixons Retail features the following brands: Currys, Knowhow and PC World in the United Kingdom and Ireland, Elkjοp,  ElGiganten, Gigantti, Lefdal and Knowhow in the Nordics, Κotsovolos in Greece,  ElectroWorld in Central Europe and Dixons Travel in several European airports.

Our values

Underpinning Dixons Retail’s Core Purpose — Bringing Life To Technology — are core values, which have been developed for our customers and for our colleagues.

We promote values that represent our customers’ experience when they come to our stores, shop on-line with us, are visited by one of our engineers, book our home delivery service, or contact us for support. We aspire to have our customers know and say the following about us:

  • They’re interested in working out what’s right for me
  • It’s an exciting place to be and easy to shop
  • I can get what I want when I want it
  • The prices are good
  • They make things work and keep them working
  • They deal with queries/complaints brilliantly

For our colleagues, we believe there are four core values that constitute who we are, as individuals and as a team:

  • We love to make our customers happy
  • We know our stuff
  • We love to work here
  • We deliver