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Communication as an ongoing “Intellemo” process

All we SOCIALDOOers strongly believe that Ιntelligence and Emotion must blend and band together to put forth a successful up-to-date communication strategy.

This perspective is not just an operational approach; It is our business culture which drives excellent results.

We are a Boutique Agency

Flexible, highly responsive and able to provide the resources necessary, for each project, we build tailor-made teams based on our partners’ specific needs.

Our goal is to deliver the ideal action plan, best suited for a winning strategy.

Strategy comes first

Accurate strategy forms the core of all our actions, and top-class implementation is our hallmark.

We consider strategy an essential prerequisite for success; which is why we insist on working closely with our partners to create a concrete, realistic and effective action plan.

We are a team of experts with extensive experience. Involved in both the private and public sectors in Greece, with an active EU network, specialized in developing and delivering successful public affairs, corporate, marketing, and creative communication strategies, we are all dedicated to our area of expertise in a way that completes the corporate puzzle.

Together, we comprise a unique mix of backgrounds, knowledge, and skills that complement each other and bring us forward to stand out and surpass our objectives. We like to call ourselves “dooers”, since our identity is built around the concept of the verb to do – in our case, “doo”. We “doo” put our soul into our projects and exceed ourselves until we achieve the finest outcome.