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ICAP, group of companies, is a multidisciplinary and fast growing B2B Services Group, with leading presence in Southeastern Europe, via 16 overall companies, in Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Cyprus.
As of the beginning of 2007, strong majority shareholder is the SEEF fund of Global Finance, the largest private equity firm in Southeastern Europe, while Coface, one of the world’s largest Credit Insurers and Business Information providers, is its minority shareholder.
Vision of the Group is to be the most successful Business Services group in Southeastern Europe and its clients’ first choice (known as “Your Business Partner”), providing innovative solutions and diversification.
At every link of the corporate value chain, there is a service provided by ICAP, group of companies: Credit Risc Services, Marketing and Sales Solutions, Management Consulting, People and Employment Solutions.
Today, ICAP’s, group of companies, workforce exceeds 1.000 employees, all of whom possess the specialized knowledge, experience, capabilities and enthusiasm in order to offer high quality services to our clients. In addition, ICAP employs more than 2.800 employees working at our clients’ premises, through the Employment Solutions Business Line.
The professional growth and development of employees constitutes one from our five corporate values. Through training and reward programs, ICAP, group of companies, ensures not only the improvement of its services but our employees’ professional satisfaction. Therefore, our strategic goal is to be an Employer of Choice and we are quite satisfied to see that our people choose to stay with us many more years compared to similar enterprises. Furthermore, we are proud to see that our personnel use the knowledge and experience they are acquiring over the years in order to evolve professionally within the Group.
You may read the presentation of ICAP, group of companies, here.

ICAP, as the largest Business Services provider, considers it their responsibility to contribute to humanity, society and the environment. Towards this direction, a complete and structured “Corporate Social Responsibility” program with the central message “We care for our society and our people” and three strategic axes of action are developed:

• Blood Bank
Our Company has created the “ICAP Blood Bank” to address the needs of staff, spouses and their first-degree relatives. The Voluntary Blood Donation Program takes place twice a year at ICAP’s central offices, in collaboration with the Laiko Hospital and the Metaxa Hospital.
• Investigate Career Abilities & Prospects
The Investigate Career Abilities & Prospects program is addressed exclusively to the personnel’s children, providing them with the opportunity to be mentored in the professional field by experienced Consultants, as well as providing opportunities to young students and graduates to gain their first work experience in departments relevant to their studies.
• Employee Benefits
Health Care Benefits
ICAP takes care of its employees and, towards this direction, implements health care programs, while, additionally, securing a partnership with a private clinic to provide benefits to employees and their families.
Employee Training
The Group offers multiple training opportunities, internally and externally, in both group trainings and individual seminars.
Emphasis on employee safety
Our Company, with an emphasis on employee safety and hygiene, has designated Emergency Management Teams and First Aid Teams to deal with possible emergencies.
The training of the stuff is ongoing and once a year a building evacuation plan is carried out to reinforce our readiness and evacuation team coherence.
Psychoeducational Seminars
We arrange seminars with social organizations for all employees, relating to family, the parent-child relationship, management of the adolescence phase, and more.
Rewarding employees
We reward our employees for their multiannual cooperation and their contribution to the achievement of our Corporate goals, their contribution to our cross-selling services and their proposals for new innovative services and policies.
Additional Benefits
With a high loyalty to the value of contribution, we have introduced an annual bonus scheme and we offer through the portal service opportunities at preferential prices at our cooperating businesses (Purchase Power Basket) and we are present at important moments of the life of our employees (Wedding, Funeral), while during the holidays we offer Gift Certificates.
Policy for Women in the Workplace
ICAP, paying particular attention to the provision of equal opportunities for employees, has implemented a plan of concerted actions aiming at the career development of female employees and the promotion of women’s participation in the company.
Company Events
Every year, a Christmas Event is organized at our Central Offices for our employees’ children with a lot of games, activities and crafts.
The traditional “Cutting of the New Year’s Pie” event takes place every year for all employees.
International Women’s Day is uniquely celebrated every 8 March.


ICAP Acts Green
The ICAP Acts Green program aims at the adoption of an active ecological behaviour during work and is based on employee volunteering. ICAP has designed a bookmark with ten points of actions, which has been shared among employees where practical tips applied on the daily work routine contribute to the protection of the environment.
Notification on the celebration of “International Days”
The ICAP Human Capital Division regularly informs all employees of the Days that are celebrated internationally, such as World No Tobacco Day, World Environment Day, International Volunteer Day, World Car Free Day or Earth Hour, with the encouragement of personal participation in various actions organized throughout the country.
There are recycling bins for paper, light bulbs and batteries in all ICAP offices, which are easily accessible to employees, who have fully adopted the culture against the use of paper and its recycling whenever its use is inevitable. ICAP recycles more than 15 tons of paper annually. We also use objects made of biodegradable materials and we have special building facilities that ensure the environmental management of resources related to water, electricity, heat, etc.
Environmental Excursions
Every year, employees participate in two excursions of an environmental nature, one organized on a work day and the other which takes place on a Sunday.
Every Spring, ICAP dedicates an entire work day to an environmental action involving all employees, which separates it from similar Corporate Initiatives. The purpose of this event is to combine an offer to nature with the implementation of group educational activities that inspire, reward and shape social relationships and teamwork. Also, in the fall, employees are invited to participate in an excursion, if they so wish, along with their families, to pick up litter at a beach, reforest a region or any kind of environmental care. The aim is to cultivate ecological awareness and reinforce the concept of volunteering in our employees and their families.
ICAP operates environmentally throughout Greece through its offices in four major cities (Thessaloniki, Larissa, Patra and Heraklion, Crete), actively demonstrating that its environmental sensitivity is not limited to the geographical zone of the capital.

In the context of Social Contribution and Volunteering, we are in constant communication with organizations and NGOs so as to listen to their needs and strive to respond actively. We are, therefore, implementing a program of actions aimed at strengthening and supporting, both morally and by means of donating goods, vulnerable social groups through NGOs such as ELEPAP, PEKAMEA, “SOS Children’s Villages”, “Together for Children”. In addition, we assist in specific cases deemed necessary, such as helping people affected by natural disasters (flood, fires, earthquakes).
In the same context of Social Contribution and as a Company were 65% of its human capital is comprised of women, we are sensitised to the issue concerning any prevention and actively participate in various events of associations such as the Hellenic Association of Women with Breast Cancer “Alma Zois”.
Two Bazaars are organized at our offices during the Easter and Christmas periods, in collaboration with NGOs, contributing to their efforts.
Additionally, through the Corporate portal (interactive internal communication website), the Human Capital Division frequently informs employees regarding various environmental and other initiatives, in order to motivate them and their families to participate.