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Member: NGO Free
Since: 08.05.2012

BedZED Centre, 24 Helios Road, Wallington, Surrey SM6 7BZ, United Kingdom


Bioregional champions a better, more sustainable way to live. We work with partners to create better places for people to live, work and do business.

We want to see thriving regional economies where we meet more of our needs from local, renewable and waste resources, enabling people to live happy, healthy lives within the natural limits of the planet, leaving space for wildlife and wilderness.

We call this One Planet Living.

Our Approach

We want to make a real difference, inspire others to do the same and work with our partners to make innovative projects and lasting change happen. Bioregional has twenty years of experience of delivering ambitious but practical products and services, which bring a commercial advantage for partners.

Creative thinking

We start by applying strategic thinking to what it will take to make our own ideas, and those we co-create with our partners, happen. Critically, this process starts by applying what science tells us about environmental limits with a view to achieving One Planet Living.

Practical Implementation

We are interested in delivery, so we bring our creativity to life with practical and effective projects, products and services. We work from concept stage to delivery, on small projects through to multi-year projects, drawing on our experience and using our One Planet Living framework.

Research and evaluation

We are always seeking to improve, so we then measure, test and, if necessary, adapt or amend our approach.

Scaling up by influencing policy and practice

Once we demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach, we enable dialogue and shared learning between policy makers and practitioners, championing its wider use for maximum impact. By working on a policy level – national and international – we can influence future practices.

Since 1994, Bioregional projects and the enterprises and companies which Bioregional has helped to establish have won more than 2o awards in the UK and six international awards for outstanding practice. Recent awards include:
  •  Shwab Social Entrepreneurs of the Year
  • 2009 Skoll Foundation Award Winner (grant of $750,000 awarded)
  • 2009 UN Habitat Award for Green Infrastructure at Jinshan, China
  • 2007 Building Magazine’s ‘Sustainable Consultant of the Year’
  • 2006 Ashen Sustainable Energy Award Winner
"It's time to stop planning for energy efficiency and start planning for zero impact. It's time to move past 'green' and embrace truly sustainable development. One Planet Communities has given us the framework to do just that." Geof Syphers, Chief Sustainability Officer, Codding Enterprises

The One Planet vision

One Planet Living is an initiative of Bioregional and its partners to make truly sustainable living a reality. One Planet Living uses ecological footprinting and carbon footprinting as its headline indicators. It is based on ten guiding principles of sustainability as a framework.

The concept of One Planet Living builds on sustainability work carried out over the past few decades but specifically grew out of Bioregional’s work to build the BedZED eco-village in south London. Living and working at BedZED and analysing its impacts drew us clearly to the conclusion that to achieve sustainability, we need to make it easy, attractive and affordable for people everywhere to lead whole sustainable lifestyles – not just green buildings, but wider infrastructure and products and services as well – all wrapped up in a simple and clear story which people can understand.

Since its creation in 2003, One Planet Living and its ten principles show in practice that a simple way for us to plan, deliver, communicate sustainable development and a green, circular economy is possible.

The 10 Principles

Rooted in the science and metrics of ecological and carbon footprinting, 10 One Planet principles are used to structure thinking and inform holistic action. These principles stemmed from Bioregional’s experience of working on BedZED, a pioneering eco-village in South London, UK. Together, the principles provide a holistic framework to help organisations and project teams examine the sustainability challenges faced, develop appropriate solutions and communicate the actions being taken to key stakeholders such as colleagues, the supply chain, clients, customers and local and national government.

BioRegional are leading on creating an international network of exemplary sustainable developments, companies and regions in diverse contexts across the globe – we call these One Planet Partners.
  • Villages Nature, the Disneyland Paris and Pierre et Vacances (Centre Parcs) joint venture aimed to attract 900,000 visitors a year
  • SOMO – a $1bi redevelopment of an ex-industrial site in California
  • B&Q the UK’s largest home improvement retailer
  • Brighton and Hove the world’s first One Planet City
  • Singita Serengeti – one of the world’s finest safari resorts and conservation projects in Tanzania
  • One Brighton – the UKs largest car-free and zero carbon development
"One Planet Communities offers us a very simple choice: The next time we choose a place to live, we can choose one that invests in the sustainability of our planet. This will allow us to make a difference on a scale - and with the urgency - that all of us now know is absolutely necessary." Achim Steiner - Executive Director, United Nations Environment Programme