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Children's Home Foundation

Member: NGO Free
Since: 27.03.2013

48, Fotomara Street, GR-117 43 N. Kosmos, Athens, Greece


The Children's Home Foundation was founded in 1931 by Lady Crosfield, and established as a charitable Foundation in February 1973 (GG 30). Owned and supported by the homonymous National Association and managed by a 5 member Board. With the responsibility and supervision of the Foundation are 5 standard "Homes" in Athens and Piraeus, which is supervised by the Ministry of Health & Welfare.

The Institute is aiming to the care of preschool children (6 months - 5 years) and their creative occupation. Also as a result of improved working conditions and the general socio-economic changes that have affected society in the Greek action institution aims at integrating the children of immigrants in Greek society, supporting single parent families as well as the resolution of interfamilial problems.

The "Homes" of the Foundation hosts daily more than 500 preschoolers from 7:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. The children are offered 3 meals, entertainment and specialized educational standard actions. Working parents with children are eligible where the tuitions are largely covered by insurance organizations. Any surplus is reinvested because the Foundation is a non-profit.

The income of the institution comes from the contributions of parents, participation of insurance organizations, the annual grant of the Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity and donations by private benefactors. The foundation is a member of the association "TOGETHER FOR THE CHILD" one union with   ten major institutions of the country which are intended to help the child in need.

The Children's Homes Foundation have privately owned facilities with large outdoor spaces, modern cooking facilities, toilets, and creative activities for children, taken cared by the scientific, administrative and support staff with daily care and love. The surrounding areas are fully equipped with creative play in environmental awareness and familiarity with the natural environment.