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Alfa-Beta Vassilopoulos S.A. - Super Markets

Member: Gold
Since: 22.11.2007
Member of Delhaize Group

81, Spaton Avenue, GR-153 44 Gerakas, Athens, Greece

Corporate profile

Alfa-Beta Vassilopoulos S.A. is a Greek food retail company which was established in 1969 by the brothers Gerasimos and Charalambos Vassilopoulos. In November 1990 it was listed in the Main Market of Athens Stock Exchange. Since July 1992 it has become a member of Delhaize Group. (

With a workforce of 9.586 people, AB ranks among the most important employers in Greece. At the end of 2009, 66,3% of employees were women and 33,7% men. The fulltime staff represented 45,2% of the total, while 54,8% were employed part-time.

At the end of the first quarter of 2009, Alfa-Beta's sales network consisted of 199 stores (of which 151 company-operated, 38 affiliated stores and 10 Cash-and-Carry stores). In 2008, Alfa-Beta's consolidated revenues amounted to approximately EUR 1 337 million and its net consolidated profit to approximately EUR 32.7 million. At the end of 2008, Alfa-Beta employed 7,612 people. Alfa-Beta has been listed on the Athens Exchange (ATHEX ticker: BASIK) since 1990.

About Delhaize Group
Delhaize Group is a Belgian international food retailer present in six countries on three continents. At the end of 2009, Delhaize Group’s sales network consisted of 2,732 stores. In 2009, Delhaize Group posted EUR 19.9 billion (USD 27.8 billion) in revenues. In 2008, Delhaize Group posted EUR 467 million (USD 687 million) in net profit (Group share). At the end of 2008, Delhaize Group employed approximately 141,000 people. Delhaize Group’s stock is listed on Euronext Brussels (DELB) and the New York Stock Exchange (DEG).


Meritocracy - Integrity
In the belief that Corporate Values also determine Corporate Results, our actions in 2006 focused on further instilling Corporate Values throughout the Work Force.

In 2006, in-house Development Centres were set up, which determined the training needs of participants through a range of simulated training exercises. Thus, according to the job description and requirements, performance evaluations were carried out to select staff to fill positions of high responsibility after a specific period of training.

For yet another year, the effectiveness of the above process was evident in the fact that 90% of vacancies in new or existing positions of responsibility were filled by means of promotion from within the company.

At the same time, through a specific system based on research into pay and provisions, we ensure internal and external justness in the practical recognition of the contribution of employees and the rewards for their efforts.

In this manner, we provide all employees with a work environment of equal opportunities, transparency and objectivity.

We adopted the methodology of project management to realize the strategic initiatives we undertook in 2006. This modern method of development, planning and materialization of complex works gives members of project teams the ability to gain a wide range of valuable experiences beyond the scope of their normal duties.

Thus, we believe we ensure a work environment that is open to change with highly flexible staff

For the second consecutive year we have undertaken Work Climate Research for the purpose of recording the views of employees on the subjects of communication, management, cooperation, training, development, pay etc.

Comparing the results with those of the research carried out in 2005, one can observe a significant improvement of the relevant indexes of employer satisfaction in all the above-mentioned areas, a fact which validates our strategic choice for further investment in matters concerning Human Resources.

Creativity - Efficiency - Quality
The provision of high quality training programs was continued and carried out with the collaboration of company staff, utilizing corporate knowhow, as well as university institutions and internationally recognized training organizations.

Among other things, we enriched the program "Management in Retailing" for developing deputy store managers, which we conduct in collaboration with the Economics University of Athens, and developed specialized corporate case studies for each subject taught.

We developed a manual for new employees, which contains useful information on our corporate philosophy and vision, AB organization as well as information concerning wages, employment terms, customer service, health and safety in the workplace etc.

We installed a new system for managing human resources data, which allows instant access to current data to support all the functions and processes of management, selection, hiring, training, development and the pay and provisions of AB employees. 

In addition, as part of the effort to develop a common language and knowledge base between the companies in the Delhaize Group, a training program for the "Skill of the Year" was conducted on the subject of  "Finance Essentials."

In total, over 70 training programs were carried out on various subjects, including Staff Development, Management, Technical Training (both theoretical and in the workplace), Sales techniques, Informatics, Foreign Languages, Internal Procedures and Health & Safety. The programs were attended by 2581 employees, while 94026 man-hours were invested in them.

In brief, as part of the strategic development of human resources, 438,578 man-hours were invested and 426 training programs were carried out over a five-year period. These focused on both the training and development needs of the participants and were attended by an average of 2,890 colleagues annually.

Our philosophy: Investment - value in human resources!
Faithful to its values and vision, AB Vasilopoulos considers its human resources as the most significant factor for the achievement of its strategic goals. Within this framework, the company initially gives particular emphasis on attracting - hiring capable prospective employees, while it invests in continuous training and development of its employees.

In order to ensure a meritocratic and successful evaluation of candidates, the company utilizes precise and objective methods that aim to explore personal abilities and skills. At this point is should be noted that professional experience is not a determining criteria for selection, as AB Vasilopoulos provides the ability to acquire this in a highly organized environment.

According to the field of work, the selection methods used include the following:
  • Personal interviews
  • Psychometric tests
  • Evaluation centres
  • Training exercises

Training programs are based on the needs and requirements of each employee, with the objective of utilizing human resources not only to achieve professional goals but also for personal advancement and development. Combining theoretical and practical training, AB Vasilopoulos initiates its new collaborators with comprehensive information on its corporate organization and culture and the processes and activities of the Group (orientation), while it gives them the ability to undertake substantial duties so as to begin their new role dynamically and productively with on-the-job-training.

The objectives of personal development and professional advancement of AB employees are achieved through the implementation of a modern system of performance appraisal and the participation of employees in in-house assessment & development centres. As a result, a precise personal career plan is drawn up, while the company proceeds with the creation of succession planning for positions of high responsibility in the Group both in Greece and abroad.

Career possibilities:

AB Vasilopoulos provides interested candidates with career possibilities as:

  • shop staff who attend a management trainee program of 8-12 months duration
  • members of Support departments (Commerce, Human Resources, Finance, Logistics, Informatics) while through an organized job rotation system it provides the ability to acquire a wide range of experience.

Consequently, those who wish to take their first professional steps in a company whose respect for the individual, belief in the merit system, interest in professional development and investment in human resources have been proven in practice can send in their curriculum vitae. 


Apart from its basic financial operations, every business organization is at the same time by its nature a social partner.

As a social partner it contributes to the efforts to ensure the best possible conditions for society as a whole; through actions in sensitive environmental and social areas, such as protection of the environment, promotion of good health and wellbeing for all and the support of vulnerable groups in society.

In 2006, AB Vasilopoulos continued to support the efforts for the socio-economic integration of Disabled Persons. Our company proceeded to both employ Disabled Persons and collaborate in their training with the prospect of work placements. It thus contributed to lessening social inequality and the prejudice that sees disabled persons as incapable of work or with reduced productive ability, which reduces their chances of seeking and finding work to allow them and their families to live with dignity.

  • AB Vasilopoulos employs 20 Disabled Persons, with physical or mental disabilities, of which 3 work in the company’s central offices and 17 in its stores at various locations.
  • It collaborates with agencies whose purpose is to provide training and social and professional integration of persons with disabilities. These include the HERMES Association of parents, guardians and friends of persons with disabilities, the THEOTOKOS foundation and the MARGARITA special training workshop, of whom 8 former trainees are currently part of the company’s workforce.
  • It offered its premises as a work environment for a practical training exercise for disabled persons and the provision of theoretical and practical job training by the IRIS POL.YS service of the HERMES association, which prepares trainees for entry into the job market.
  • It was awarded by the HERMES Association of Parents, guardians and friends of persons with disabilities, for its contribution to the efforts to integrate its trainees into the job market.
  • It reached a collaboration agreement with the specialized centre for social and professional integration of disabled persons, of the University Research Institute for Mental Health, to carry out practical training in office organization techniques with the use of computers for persons with mental disabilities in its program. Within the framework of this collaboration, AB offered its premises, equipment and every aid for the implementation of the practical training at the company’s central offices, as well as the use of its employees, which functioned as trainers-supervisors.
  • It received an honorary distinction from the University Research Institute for Mental Health, in recognition of its social awareness.
  • It represented Greece in a European Community competition between businesses which provide the most opportunities for employment for persons with disabilities.
  • It collaborates with the association of friends of families with many children, to promote the cases of those who seek work – and are employed by AB VASILOPOULOS.

Social contributions within the company

  • In recognition of the particular difficulties faced by those providing daily care and support for family members with disabilities, the company has established the provision of gift vouchers during the Christmas and Easter periods. As a symbolic gesture of its interest and practical support, the company thus aids the families of 12 of its employees who are parents of children with disabilities.
  • Also, in response to emergency needs of employees who faced unexpected misfortunes, AB provided financial aid through Special Grants. These included cases of employees who required support to overcome the difficulties brought on by widowhood for working mothers with underage children, as well as contributions to the cost of medical treatment and recovery for the children of employees who suffered from serious health problems. Thus, the families of 7 employees received aid through Special Grants in 2006.

Because humanitarian interest, awareness, solidarity and social participation are values that positively strengthen the social fabric, our goal in 2007 will be to continue every effort in this direction of social contribution.