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Stirixis Group

Stirixis Group

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Since: 22.12.2015

27 Esperou, 14561, Kifissia, Athens

User experience design for the experience designers of EZGreece by STIRIXIS Group

05.09.2019 Share

User experience design for the experience designers of EZGreece by STIRIXIS Group.

STIRIXIS Group creates an engaging and functional concept for the offices of EZGreece. The company trusted STIRIXIS Group one again for the design of its new offices acquired and the creation of a vivid and modern space.

EZGreece designs events in the most distinguished places. With almost 30 years in the business, the award-winning team has the confidence and knowledge to create for its clients unique and memorable experiences.
Open plan areas, divided into departments, are the approach for the offices encouraging faster learning, better communication, and more ideas to be created. An increased face-to-face collaboration between employees of the same departments is achieved, while few closed offices and meeting points are strategically combined to maximize the functionality of the workspace, allowing privacy whenever needed.

The reception desk, at the entrance, as well as the common areas, are designed to mix straight-lined modern office desks and colorful furniture, echoing the dynamism of the brand and its creative DNA.

The end result is the creation of modern and joyful offices that elicit professionalism, forward-thinking and employee’s engagement. To find out more about the project, please click here.

Client's Testimonial:

Thanassis Papadimitriou, Managing Director, EZ Greece: “We had a very limited “window” to totally change and prepare our new offices between our relocation dates. On top of that, the window was in August when all works are put into a “hibernate” mode. Despite these facts, STIRIXIS Group managed to come up with an outstanding result, delivering on time our 205m2 office space, fully operational and according to the designs that we had agreed.

Throughout this process, they were always ready to discuss minor changes and provide different solutions, while keeping in mind our budget restrictions. What is more to expect from such a partner? Our office space is now a very colourful and vibrant business environment, well designed and practical, with well-thought details in every aspect. We were happy to appoint this project and will do it again, whenever is needed. Thank you, STIRIXIS Team!”