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Sustainability Report 2013

24.12.2014 Share

Dear Members and Stakeholders, 

We are proud to present Global Sustain Sustainability Report 2013, in line with the company’s vision and engagement to sustainability and transparency. Despite the challenging economic environment, Global Sustain firmly believes that corporate responsibility and sustainability should be the central focus of all companies and investors, regardless of the size, sector and/or location in which they operate. Sustainability reporting is an integral and crucial part of our business strategy, our operations and values. 

In 2013, there was a significant change in our organisation. Under the name Global Sustain we inaugurated a new corporate era, improved our financial performance and enhanced our global presence (Brussels and Melbourne), with respect to international standards that guarantee our responsible long-term development. We grew the portfolio of our services (we introduced advisory services) as well as our members’ base (more than 150 new members) and at the same time we continued to operate in a sustainable manner. Sustainability remains an indispensable part of our strategic planning as we keep on addressing social, economic and environmental issues in our long-term operations, by undertaking responsible initiatives on:

  • The provision of high-quality services to our clients and members,
  • The company’s growth with the support of our employees, members and other stakeholders,
  • The management and offset of our carbon footprint, and
  • The social contribution.

In 2014, we will continue our program focusing on environment, society, workforce and services, since the company is highly linked with People-Planet-Profit mentality that we endorse. For another year, we follow international reporting guidelines according to the GRI-G3.1 standard and a third party assurance for this report. Next year’s report will be a landmark as far as the reporting procedure is concerned, as we plan to adopt the new GRI G4 reporting guidelines. The journey towards sustainability is never-ending. We seek to grow with a solid sense of responsibility and become an innovator and a catalyst for change. In the following years, we will continue to operate with a clear vision in line with the people-planet-profit concept, as a role model for new-generation entrepreneurs globally.

Michael Spanos
Managing Partner

Please find attached the Sustainability Report 2013 and the Feedback Form.

Global Sustain Sustainability Report 2013 is also available as an e-book.