DigiMagix: 2η συνάντηση στο πλαίσιο του ευρωπαϊκού προγράμματος WaW

2η συνάντηση στο πλαίσιο του ευρωπαϊκού προγράμματος WaW (http://uwawme.eu/) στο Folkuniversitetet στην Ουψάλα:

Today in Folkuniversitetet Uppsala is the second partnership meeting for the European project WaW, We are dreamers, we are shapers, we are what we want to be.

The main objective of WaW project is to facilitate more effective provision of collective business and innovation support services to ensure women understand and take advantage of the opportunities offered by new ICT tools.

Before the meeting a structured survey has been done, the aim was to attempt to identify how the skills of the 21st century can be acquired and which will attempt answer the elements and issues that need to be included in a crowd–funding campaign so that it will be a successful one.470 persons from the five countries has completed the survey.

Today’s meeting included a brainstorming regarding the new step, which will lead to the creation of the training material for crowd-funding.

Participating European countries are: Greece, Norway, Spain, UK, and Sweden