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2, Avenue des Olympiades, 5th floor, 1140 Brussels, Belgium

EFQM Workshop: How to become excellent in Agility and Innovation?

From: 08.09.2017 To: 08.09.2017 Share

EFQM Workshop
How to become excellent in Agility and Innovation? 

Today both Innovation and Agility are key enablers to executives aiming for their organisation to remain competitive and to quickly out-innovate other players. It is all about speed and ensuring to be the first on the market. But how can you achieve this and yet meet the market's needs? This question led EFQM to design a 1-day workshop during which participants will find their answer and be challenged to work  on solving real-life problems linked to the workshop's thematic.  

What can you expect?

This workshop is open to all, and specifically dedicated to Project Managers, Business Manager at any level in the organisation, people participating in agile teams, Quality Professionals, Innovation Managers, HR related people or also IT Managers. 

Participants can expect to learn:
How they can lead agile teams and agile organisations; 
How they can adapt their leadership and facilitation style to influence a variety of behaviours and the settings of the teamwork;
What are the drivers of corporate innovation?
How they can turn these drivers into sustainable business opportunities for their team or organisation;

Meet your trainers 

Riëtta is a Dutch professional with a background in Chemical Engineering and Management Sciences. In 2001, she discovered the EFQM Excellence Model and used it since then in all types of organisations. In January 2010 she started her own company Help2Improve. She supports companies (such as healthcare sector, small & medium enterprises...) to improve their organisation with a range of relevant tools and methods such as EFQM, Lean, NLP, LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY .... One of Riëtta motto’s is: ‘If I can do it, I can teach others how to do it’.

During more than 15 years Pere developed his professional activity in Philips Spain, in areas of Information Systems, Innovation and Management of the Knowledge. Nowadays he is iSOCO’s Director of Innovation and professor at the University of Barcelona in areas such as: Agile Project Management, Design Thinking, Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. For more than 20 years, he has worked with different organisations, startups, universities and communities as facilitator and instructor of high performance teams for organisational innovation and advanced management.

Practical information

EFQM Member: 650€ (excluding VAT);
Non-member: 812.50€ (excluding VAT);

8th September 2017
From 10 AM to 5PM

EFQM Brussels Office
Avenue des Olympiades 2
1140 Brussels, Belgium

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