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The act4Greece program has completed two years of operation

15.02.2018 Share

Act4Greece, the innovative crowdfunding program launched by NBG, has completed two years of successful operation.

In two years, the program succeeded in motivating dozens of businesses and hundreds of individuals with a view to supporting the implementation of significant projects for society and the economy.

During this period of time, 13 unique crowdfunding actions were completed focusing on welfare, health, solidarity, culture, research and education. It is worth noting that in some of these actions the target amount was raised much sooner than the expiration of the deadline.

Since its launch, in February 2016, the act4Greece program has succeeded in raising €1.8 million. Of the amount raised, 93% corresponds to contributions by legal persons and 7% contributions by individuals, while the Bank’s and Group Companies’ contribution amounted to 47% (€843 thousand).

On the occasion of the completion of two years of operation, a TV advertising campaign was launched on 28/01/2018 with a view to enhancing the visibility of the Program among the wider public, promoting the program’s innovative character and its mission, as well as highlighting the positive response to the program by the public and its effectiveness in terms of raising funds.

For the third year, the Program will continue to provide support to significant projects and actions that focus on families and children, promote health and support research, culture, education and sports.