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Since: 11.05.2016

193-195 Syngrou Ave., N. Smyrni, 17121 Athens, Greece

Welcome On Board!

01.06.2017 Share

By early 2017, GEP’s Clientele was enriched with new, large and very important partnerships, providing Health and Safety services, always based on credibility and setting people’s protection at the center of interest.

GEP, therefore, welcomes its new customers, companies like Fraport Greece, TAP AG, Public, Super Market SKLAVENITIS, INTERAMERICAN, XRYSI EYKAIRIA Group, Luncheon meat Evros S.A., and Unify.

More specifically:

Fraport Greece has undertaken the management, operation, upgrading and development of 14 airports throughout Greece. The company will enhance the airport’s international competitiveness by optimizing their operational processes, modernizing and upgrading their infrastructures, and continually training the staff. GEP will be providing Occupational Health and Safety services to all facilities and employees of the company.

TAP AG is the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP AG), a huge gas pipeline project which will transport natural gas from the Caspian region to Europe. GEP undertook to provide Occupational Health and Safety Services to the contractors involved in the construction of the pipeline in Greece.

Public is largest department store of technology and entertainment in Greece, with 52 stores. GEP will be providing Occupational doctor & Safety engineer services to all Public Facilities and employees.

Super market Sklavenitis: GEP, having the largest network of associates nationwide, has undertaken to provide Occupational Doctor and Safety engineer services to more than 300 stores throughout Greece.

INTERAMERICAN is involved in all areas of insurance, such as life, health, property protection, and healthcare services. For Occupational Health and Safety Services, they trust GEP.

Xrysi Eukairia Group is the largest advertising company in Greece, a leader in its field since 1993. Throughout its years of presence (newspaper, website and mobile applications), millions of products have been sold and hundreds of thousands of people have found the house, the car or the job they were looking for. is the No1 flash sales on-line shop in Greece, offering daily, new, discount special offers from the biggest clothing & home brands in the market! GEP undertook the provision of Health and Safety Services for both companies of the Group.

LUNCHEON MEAT EVROS SA is the factory that produces cold cuts/sausages for the Yfantis Group, located in the Industrial Area of Alexandroupolis. The factory is producing 60 tons of cold cuts per day in a shift, and employs altogether more than 230 workers. The factory produces all categories of cold cuts with the logo of THRACE FLAVORS and FERRANO WATER FISHERIES. GEP provides LUNCHEON MEAT EVROS SA with Health & Safety Services.

Unify is a leading provider of communication services software (integrating networks, platforms and media) which supply companies and organizations with the communication tools that are essential for effective and functional communication. For Occupational Health and Safety Services, they choose GEP.