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OTE Group of Companies

OTE Group of Companies

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Since: 01.02.2007

99 Kifissias Ave, Maroussi, 15124 Athens, Greece

COSMOTE Fiber: 100% fiber optic to the home at the prefecture of Thessaloniki

12.03.2019 Share

  • Guaranteed Internet speeds of 100 & 200Mbps for 15,000 households and businesses in Thessaloniki and Kalamaria
  • Until the end of 2019, FTTH will be available in more areas of Thessaloniki Municipality, as well as Panorama, Efkarpia and Oraiokastro
OTE Group brings the unlimited capabilities of fiber optics to the home at the prefecture of Thessaloniki. Through COSMOTE Fiber, the largest fiber optics network in Greece, 15,000 households and businesses in selected areas of Thessaloniki and Kalamaria municipalities can now reach guaranteed internet speeds of 100 & 200Mbps, with potential future upgrade up to 1Gbps. Until end of 2019, Fiber ToThe Home (FTTH) infrastructure, with 100% fiber optic to the home, will become available in even more areas of Thessaloniki municipality as well as in Panorama, Efkarpia and Oraiokastro. Gradually, the prefecture will increase its coverage to more than 55,000 fixed lines. 

“OTE Group brings fiber optic to the home of consumers. It is one of the largest infrastructure upgrade projects in Greece over the last decades. With technology we create a better world for all”, stated the Chief Technology & Operations Officer of OTE Group, Mr. Stefanos Theocharopoulos.

€360 subsidy for new connections, through the Superfast Broadband initiative

People who are interested to enjoy at home the unsurpassed speeds of fiber optics, can receive a special subsidy of a total amount of €360, through the Superfast Broadband initiative of the Ministry of Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Media. The initiative is implemented with the use of voucher, with a total value of €360 and subsidizes the cost of the COSMOTE Double Play Fiberspeed bundle with €13/month, for a maximum duration of 24 months, and the one-off connection fee with €48. For the availability and all the necessary information related to the Superfast Broadband action, those who are interested can visit the special site

OTE Group, the fiber optic company in Greece

OTE Group is the largest investor in new technologies and infrastructure in Greece. Thanks to its investments that reached €2billion during the past six years, COSMOTE Fiber1 is the largest fiber optic network in Greece. Based on the €2 billion investment plan until 2022, implemented by the Group, the FTTH network will be available to 150,000 households and businesses in Attica, Thessaloniki and other large urban centers by the end of 2019. Gradually, by 2022, the FTTH coverage is expected to reach 1 million households and businesses. This network will cover with fiber optic, facilities of significant social value, such as universities, transportation hubs, business parks and public buildings.

1. COSMOTE Fiber optics' network is owned by OTE S.A.