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MYTILINEOS: Sustainable Development Report 2018

28.06.2019 Share

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development Initiatives

In a national and international environment full of social and economic challenges, MYTILINEOS’ main aspiration is to remain a healthy and sustainable business that will be able to create added value for everyone, contributing to a better future for the country.

This effort is reflected in the 2018 Sustainable Development Report, which was published during the company’s Annual Shareholders General Meeting. This report is the 11 th consecutive publication of MYTILINEOS’s Non-Financial Information focuses on aligning the company's Environmental, Social and Governance practices with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (2030 Agenda), presenting the relevant quantitative and qualitative outcomes.

The most significant accomplishments of MYTILINEOS for 2018 include:

✓ Economic value distributed of €1.2 bn (investments, employees’ salaries, taxes, expenditures to domestic suppliers, payments to capital providers, social & environmental investments)
✓ Further increase of the direct & indirect employment of 14%.
✓ Training of nearly 6.000 direct & indirect employees on Occupational Health & Safety issues.
✓ Creation of 81 quality preparatory positions for the employment, addressed to young scientists through the CSR initiative “G.E.F.Y.R.A.”
✓ Successful completion of the environmental management systems reviews in accordance with the international standard ISO14001/2015.
✓ Further enhancement of the company’s R&D practices through the participation of Metallurgy sector to 3 new innovative research European programs concerning the holistic utilization of bauxite residues.
✓ Increase of the total capacity of the company's Renewable Energy Sources plants in operation, by 35%.
✓ Increase by 98% of the amount of solid waste released for re-use, recycling or recovery.
✓ First official self-assessment of 147 key suppliers in terms of sustainability issues.
✓ Implementation & support of 97 social initiatives, actions & programs investing approximately €2,3 m. positively affected thousands of people.
✓ Major improvements of the overall Corporate Governance framework, namely of the Executive Governance and the restructuring of the Board of Directors.

MYTILINEOS’ 2018 Sustainable Development Report has been prepared in accordance with the legal requirements at national and European level, the GRI Standards, the international CSR standard ISO 26000 as well as the 10 UN Global Compact principles. Moreover, the report has been independently verified by a third party (Ernst & Young HELLAS) in terms of a limited level of assurance (as set out in the ISAE 3000 standard (revised)) and of the ‘moderate’ level of assurance, under AA1000AS.

Finally, the comprehensive data included in the report are supported by the renewed "Generated Value Scorecard 2018" tool, that addresses the need for more integrated information by combining financial and non-financial KPIs so that a comprehensive view can be drawn on how MYTILINEOS creates value for all groups of its Stakeholders and its contribution to Sustainable Development. 

The «Sustainable Development Report 2018» and the EY Assurance Statement, can be accessed online in: 

The «Generated Value Scorecard 2018» application is available online in: