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Innovation Forum: Important update - The Future of Food 2020

19.03.2020 Share

Important update: Innovation Forum's first half conferences go virtual

Future of Food conference will take place in London on 2nd-3rd June, 2020.
Over two days, we’ll identify the main areas of opportunity and innovation within the food and beverage industry. We’ll assess how business can react to climate pressures, consumer trends and market transformation, whilst building sustainable, resilient agricultural supply chains.
Some agenda highlights include:
  • Leadership insights: C-suite sustainability leaders discuss key trends and the route to sustainable agriculture
  • Trust and transparency: How can business build consumer confidence and satisfy demand for information
  • Climate action: What do leading food players need to do so we meet 1.5 degree targets?
  • Politics in food: How can business have a real impact on agricultural policy that helps meet sustainability objectives
  • Sustainable agriculture techniques: Leading practices in local water management, climate smart agriculture, soil health and regenerative agriculture
  • Food waste: How business can tackle food waste more effectively from farm to fork
  • Finance in food: The role of investors and venture capitalists in funding the transition to more sustainable food systems
  • The vegan health halo: Does the alternative protein market lack transparency on health and nutritional impacts?
  • Who pays? How to spread the cost of a sustainable and equitable food system
  • AgTech disruption: How the revolution in FoodTech can enable sustainable agriculture at scale
You can view the full agenda here -