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SARGIA Partners S.A.

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SARGIA Partners' high-level individual coaching program will help you gain the insight, knowledge, and tools you need to discover your distinctive #ExecutivePresence

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Executive Presence is the ability to engage, align, inspire and move people to act!

Press Release

What is Executive Presence?

Executive Presence is the ability to engage, align, inspire and move people to act! It’s not only about how you show up, looking and acting the part, but the qualities that really matter, because they enable you to influence others, make an impact, and drive organizational performance.

Executive Presence becomes most noticeable when leaders take the “larger stage,” when their presence and approach to influence must generate inspired and sustained action across a network of stakeholders, and when they must help all navigate change and master increasing levels of challenge.

Executive Presence is a social-organizational phenomenon: manifests as a pervasive and positive tone; it produces high levels of trust and goodwill; it stimulates the best of creative, innovative, and prudent thinking and problem solving; and it fosters a sustained course of adaptive execution.

The ExPI™ Model

The Bates ExPI™ (Bates Executive Presence Model™) is the first and only research-based, scientifically validated assessment to measure executive presence. The multi-rater tool is used to help leaders develop the presence and influence necessary for leading teams, driving strategy, and making an impact. Organizations use the Bates ExPI™ to develop future leaders, build the influence of seasoned leaders, and ensure teams are driving organizational performance.

The Bates ExPI™ multi-rater assessment tool measures perceptions of the leader’s  ability to build trust (Character), establish credibility (Substance), and drive execution through others (Style).  It also measures perceptions of the leader’s strengths and development areas within 15 unique facets. Perceptions of critical stakeholder groups are compared with the leader’s self-perceptions in order to identify strengths and gaps.

A key differentiator between the Bates and other assessments is that the ExPI™ is a context-dependent assessment. This distinction is something we, as certified ExPI

The Purpose

SARGIA Partners’ exclusive certified coaches build coaching conversations  and disciplines on the  ExPITM survey feedback for  leadership qualities  which include  Character (qualities of presence that inspire trust and goodwill), Substance (cultivated aspects of development specific to executive leadership that manifest as credibility), and Style (timely, effective, and iterative leadership action that elevates performance).

Our Executive Presence coaching program is tailored-made to fit your actual business context and strategic objectives.  It will  help you gain the insight, knowledge, and tools you need to discover your distinctive executive presence, align it with your corporate brand and develop a powerful executive presence that extends beyond your typical spheres of influence.

The Benefits

Our Executive Presence coaching program is a 4-month impactful & unique Program, based on the feedback received by the Bates Model of Executive Presence (ExPITM). 

Upon completion of your one-to one virtual or physical coaching sessions, you will be able to:
  • Improve self-awareness by  identifying  strengths and weaknesses related to Executive Presence
  • Develop leadership skills  that engage, align, inspire and move people to act and succeed
  • Develop qualities of presence you can enhance to earn others’ trust and loyalty
  • Discover ways to manage your time and energy so you come across as the leader you want to be
  • Communicate to accelerate execution and lead change
  • Generate positive reputation outside your inner circle
  • Make a real and lasting impact on your company, your career and your life
  • Develop confidence, gravitas and influence beyond formal authority
  • It’s the “secret sauce” that links merit and success