AmCham Greece: Hosts Laura Lochman, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Bureau for Energy Resources, U.S. Department of State

AmChamGR President Nikolaos Bakatselos and Executive Director Elias Spirtounias,  along with the Chair of AmChamGR Energy Committee Prof. Dr. Kostas Andriosopoulos, the General Director of the Ministry of Environment and Energy Dimitris Tsalemis and AmChamGR energy member companies, met today with the U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy Diplomacy Laura Lochman. The discussion focused on the general landscape of the energy sector in Greece today, the strategy for energy diversification and adequacy, the prospects in the renewables and hydrogen field, the e-mobility and the conservation of energy. In addition, participants had the opportunity to highlight the role the country can play as a main energy transit and production hub for Europe and also referred to the existing investment opportunities in the energy sector in Greece today and in the coming years.

Source: Press Release/Newsroom