Ilektra Liberopoulou, Marketing & Communications Manager, Global Sustain

Ilektra Liberopoulou serves as Marketing & Communications Manager at Global Sustain. She is responsible for corporate communications and advertising, while she is also involved in company’s publications. 

Prior to her joining Global Sustain, she worked as a journalist at Direction Publishing Group, where she was Editor-in-Chief for the “CSR Review” and “CSR Reports” publications, delivering articles on sustainability, climate change and corporate responsibility issues. Ilektra has also worked for Livanis Publication Group, other publication companies and TV networks, with special focus on international affairs and economy. She is an experienced professional in the field of communication as she has worked for Spin Political and Corporate Communications, where she was in charge of handling and supervising strategically various key accounts. Among her specialties were corporate communication, media relations, government and stakeholder relations, crisis management and advertising. 

Ilektra has graduated from Communication and Media Studies School at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and she has a master degree in International Law and Diplomacy Studies, from Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences.

In addition, she is a native Greek speaker, fluent in English and with knowledge of French, Spanish and Russian language.