Alexandra Panayotou, CEO and Founder of ORAMIQUE

Alexandra Panayotou is an executive and personal mentor, keynote/motivational speaker, facilitator, and elite extreme endurance runner, and she is a changer of lives. Alex helps corporate teams and individuals set and achieve their goals, develop their strengths, balance, sustainability, and their creativity. She helps clients achieve greater success, stability and happiness for themselves and their people, and in many instances to achieve more than they dreamed possible.  Her work with senior executives and their teams including professionals in the business and medical world – as well as people who find themselves at a crossroads in their professional or personal lives – has given her a reputation as an expert in professional and personal sustainability, motivation, positive attitude and long-term achievement. Alex lives what she teaches and her energy is unparalleled, drawing out the best in the people and groups she works with all over the world.  She is in addition a charismatic international motivational and TEDx Speaker.

Alex’s background is in psychology, philosophy and sociology, and her story is an inspirational and motivating one through which she has become an expert in overcoming obstacles and adversity with her exceptional positivity and energy.  Having run more kilometres than many people have driven – including non-stop 400km and 315km solo endurance runs – Alex draws on her exceptional elite global athletic achievements to enrich her professional capabilities and programs. Her extreme endurance feats were however put in perspective by the physical, mental and emotional obstacles she dealt with following her sudden diagnosis of breast cancer, and removal of a malignant tumour in late 2017. Over the following year she underwent full chemotherapy, radiation therapy and other invasive treatment, but as with the other great challenges that she has undertaken, Alex  faced this challenge with optimism, strength, and energy. Indeed she started to race again early during chemotherapy, and continued competitive running through all of her treatments. As early as summer 2018 she was back on the podium again both in her age category as well as overall winner in elite distance races.

Alex’s work achieves great results. Her own story shows that if we approach life with a positive attitude and are willing to change and adapt our behaviour and lifestyle, we can deal with the obstacles we face much more effectively, achieve more of our goals and live life to the fullest.