Michael Spanos: Managing Partner, Global Sustain

LinkedIn: http://gr.linkedin.com/pub/michael-spanos/4/48b/6a7

Michael Spanos was born in Larissa, Greece in 1975. A graduate of the Production Engineering and Management Department of the Technical University of Crete (www.dpem.tuc.gr), he obtained his Masters in Business Administration from the same university with a focus in financial engineering, producing substantial academic research in the area of financial management.

From its establishment in 2006, Michael has served as Managing Partner of Global Sustain. (www.globalsustain.org/en).

Michael served as Vice-Chairman and CEO of STOCHASIS Management Consultancy S.A. between 2007 and 2010.

As part of the Financial Engineering Laboratory (www.dpem.tuc.gr/fel) of the Technical University of Crete, Michael continues to carry out research and publications related to financial analysis, credit risk management, assessment of investments, venture capital appraisal, mergers and acquisitions and portfolio composition. He has also organised seminars and conferences on Stock Exchange and Capital Market issues.

Michael commenced his professional career as a Consultant for an Athens-based venture capital firm, where he was responsible for preparing business and investment plans and conducting business valuations for corporate and buy-out projects. He also brought a wide range of expertise in establishing a closed-end fund listed on the Athens Exchange (ATHEX) and managing EUR 55 million. Among his duties was the formulation of procedures in compliance with guidelines of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission (www.hcmc.gr) (Supervising Authority), the Athens Exchange (www.athex.gr) and the Association of Greek Institutional Investors (www.agii.gr).

Before joining the army as an Officer (Second Lieutenant), Michael was Head of Research & Analysis Department and a Member of the Investment Committee of an Athens-based investment firm. His responsibilities included, the preparation of extensive reports on Greek and American stock market activity in general along with specific sector and company performance reports; valuation reports of financial statements and portfolio analysis; representation of the company in meetings with the senior management of major Greek listed companies on institutional level and presentation of the Research & Analysis Department’s proposals at weekly Investment Committee meetings addressing investment decisions.

Between 2003 and 2007, Michael has offered his services to the Athens-based ICAP Group (www.icap.gr), one of the most successful management consulting groups in South-East Europe.

Primarily as a Consultant for ICAP’s Corporate Strategy Department of the Management Consultant Division, he was involved in conducting business plans for private investments, company feasibility and valuation, mergers, acquisitions, and buy-out projects.

Michael was appointed to the position of the Senior Manager in the Business Information Development Department of the Business Information Division. In that capacity he undertakes project management of information systems at financial institutions with regard to business information, credit risk management and credit borrowing policy. He also performs detailed analysis of regulatory requirements as applicable to credit risk in credit institutions and credit rating agencies in light of the Basel II framework. He conducts reporting to competent authorities (Bank of Greece, www.bankofgreece.gr) and participates in international regulatory consultations. Among his primary duties are monitoring and maintening in-house applications and business workflows, as well as providing sales and marketing support with product and service presentations to corporate clients. Furthermore, he assists in conducting viability and feasibility studies concerning the development of new products and services as well as the company’s expansion to new lines of business.

Aiming at continuously developing his skills in his field, Michael attends and participates in several training seminars, educational events and conferences. For the past four years he has been a regular speaker at the Hellenic Banking Institution of the Hellenic Bank Association (www.hba.gr) as well as other conferences of Greek and international interest.

Michael speaks Greek, English and French and is a member of the Technical Chamber of Greece (www.tee.gr), the Commercial & Industrial Chamber of Piraeus (www.pcci.gr), the Hellenic Association of Mechanical & Electrical Engineers (www.psdmh.gr), the Hellenic Association of Production Management Engineers (www.mpd.gr) and the Professional Risk Managers’ International Association (PRMIA, www.prmia.org).

Michael can be contacted at michael.spanos@globalsustain.org.