GLOBAL SUSTAIN: Delivers ESG Project for Digital Academy for Business of Eurobank

With the participation of more than 330 companies, four (4) training workshops were successfully designed and delivered by Global Sustain, in the context of the Digital Academy for Business of Eurobank, aiming to inform companies on ESG and Sustainability issues (June 2021 – March 2022).

The last virtual workshop was held in collaboration with Eurobank and Enterprise Greece introducing a new series of seminars that will take place within 2022, focusing on practical ESG issues material to businesses. The workshops covered topics such as introduction, and definitions of ESG principles, ESG and sustainable development strategies for businesses, standards and guidelines, regulations, ESG reports development and sustainable financial and investment products.

At the same time, Global Sustain developed relevant content for the Digital Academy for Business of Eurobank, with the publication of 13 targeted articles in the section “ESG and Sustainability for the future of your business” available on the Eurobank’s website. The articles are addressed to business owners or executives interested in learning more about the sustainability journey.

The Managing Director of Global Sustain and training instructor, Mr. Michael Spanos, stated: “Sustainable development is the “one and only way” for every company, including small and medium-sized enterprises, which seek access to capital and to strengthen their competitive advantage in a market regulated by relevant rules and standards starting next year”.

The Assistant General Manager of Eurobank & Head of Global Transaction Banking, Mr. Eleftherios Vlachogiannis, stated: “We invest strategically in sustainable development and implement actions that improve our impact on environmental sustainability, corporate responsibility and governance. Furthermore, we consistently seek the development and awareness of Greek entrepreneurs and the reinforcement of outward orientation and investment. And we support this effort, on multiple levels, and with important initiatives, such as the Digital Academy for Business and the development of partnerships with reputable organisations such as Global Sustain and Enterprise Greece”.

Source: Press Release/Newsroom