MYTILINEOS: Evangelos Mytilineos opened the OT FORUM

«Evangelos Mytilineos opened the OT FORUM with groundbreaking news. We are excited to announce the agreement for the construction of the UK’s first high-capacity underwater interconnection. This initiative marks a significant step in our global expansion and showcases our commitment to pioneering in the energy sector. During the OT FORUM, Evangelos Mytilineos, our CEO, highlighted the scope and importance of this project. With a total value of £2.5 billion, MYTILINEOS S.A., in partnership with GE Vernova, undertakes a contract of £1 billion. This project not only reflects our technical expertise but also our ability to handle large-scale, international projects.

Evangelos Mytilineos emphasized Turkey’s growing regional influence and the success of President Erdoğan’s visit to Greece, highlighting the geopolitical stability under his tenure. He expressed concerns over Europe’s energy crisis, emphasizing the challenge of high costs and the need for a strategic approach to emissions. In Greece, Mr. Mytilineos commended Prime Minister Mitsotakis for his exceptional leadership but noted the detrimental impact of a weak opposition on democracy. He spoke optimistically about the Greek economy, pointing to the tourism sector’s robust post-pandemic recovery and the potential of projects like the FSRU in Alexandroupolis, despite challenges in the construction sector and labor shortages. Looking ahead, our CEO remains hopeful about Greece’s future, believing it may outperform other European regions in the coming years.»