MYTILINEOS: Mellonabilities, The Skills Accelerator for the inclusion of people with disabilities in the labor market enters its 2nd cycle

People with disabilities are confronted with significant obstacles in accessing education, employment and social life. During the pandemic, a 53% of people with a disability faced social exclusion, while 6 out of 10 people faced financial insecurity.[1] The pandemic and the subsequent financial crisis enhanced the vulnerability of people with disabilities to disparities, putting them at increased risk of poverty due to exclusion and stigma.

MYTILINEOS makes a substantial intervention and continues its cooperation with the Social Enterprise Knowl in the context of the innovative training program of people with disabilities, #mellonabilities planning to implement the second cycle.

The 1st cycle of the program was completed in December 2021; it was highly successful as 12% of participants now has a stable job. During the program, the 25 participants attended 1.418 hours of free online trainings in 24 thematic units, with the precious contribution of 21  mentors/trainers while a 16% of beneficiaries received professional certification acquiring useful knowledge and skills. The program’s success is attributed to the effective methodology of Mellon Skills Accelerator Program by the Collective Social Εnterprise ‘knowl’ for Education and Lifelong Learning, a holistic intensive training program, ‘built’ on each participant’s strengths, tailor-made to each beneficiary’s individual profile, needs and professional expectations.

The 2nd cycle of the 6-month program will offer 40 hours of training and consulting in soft, hard, and digital skills, at zero cost for the participants, building on the dynamic customized Road Map of each individual and, optimizing its strengths; in this way, individuals will build a future in the long-term responding to the challenges lying ahead. The program also offers guidance in preparing curricula vitae (with letters of reference), simulation of interviews with experienced HR executives of the market, mental empowerment sessions and direct link to the labor market.

This initiative is highly valuable to the Company and is implemented in the framework of strategic partnerships developed with key social actors to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals for Zero Poverty (1), Decent Work & Economic Growth (8) and Reduction of Inequality (10).

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The submission of applications for the 2nd cycle of #Mellonablities has started: Interested parties are invited to apply by Wednesday, April 27 (order of priority will be respected). The application is available online HERE.

More information about the program #mellonabilities:

knowl | Yioula Papatsori| 210 8312868 |

Program Page here

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