OTE: Cosmote and Germanos participate in ‘Digital Care II’ program 

Supporting equal access to learning, COSMOTE and GERMANOS are actively participating in the ‘Digital Care II’ program, which subsidises – with a €200 voucher – educators, schoolchildren and university students from fire-stricken regions of Greece for the purchase of a tablet or laptop. Beneficiaries who purchase their tablet or laptop at COSMOTE or GERMANOS also get free 12GB COSMOTE Mobile Internet for 1 year.

Beneficiaries of the ‘Digital Care II’ program include educators in the public and private sectors (kindergarten, primary and secondary school), as well as families with children aged 4 to 24 years who are studying in the country’s educational system and who were impacted by the wildfires that occurred in Greece from 27 July 2021 to 13 August 2021. More specifically, the program concerns a total of 160,000 public schoolteachers, 10,000 private schoolteachers and 2,000-3,000 students from areas affected by wildfires.

How to cash in your voucher at COSMOTE and GERMANOS

Beneficiaries of the ‘Digital Care II’ program can cash in their vouchers to purchase their desired tablet or laptop either directly on the GERMANOS e-shop or by phone at 210 800 6000. Alternatively, they can visit a COSMOTE or GERMANOS store anywhere in Greece and make their purchase by showing their voucher. Interested parties can apply to participate in the programme until 8 July 2022, and vouchers can be cashed in until the program expires on 30 September 2022.

Beneficiaries who wish to purchase a device costing more than the value of the voucher will have to pay the difference. Each voucher is for the purchase of one device. The technological equipment is accompanied by specific guarantees, support services and antivirus software to protect devices and users during internet browsing, which are provided free of charge.

The stores’ experienced and expert staff is always at the disposal of consumers to guide, advise and assist them in making the best use of the voucher, choosing the device that best meets their needs. Along with the purchase of their laptop or tablet, at COSMOTE and GERMANOS stores, beneficiaries can find a wide range of accessories (cases, headphones, powerbanks, chargers, stands) and peripherals (printers, multifunction devices, mice, keyboards, web cameras, speakers), complementing their purchases.

The goal for COSMOTE and GERMANOS is to contribute to the support of the educational process with modern digital devices that can be used for technologically enhanced in-person education, as well as for remote learning. This also makes it easier for teachers and students to access digital educational material and to further strengthen their digital skills.

“Digital Care II” Program
The ‘Digital Care II’ program is being implemented by the Ministries of Education, Finance, Development, Labour and Digital Governance in the context of the Greece 2.0 National Recovery and Resilience Plan, with European Union funding (NextGenerationEU). More information on the program is available here