OTE: Cosmote “The new generation creates innovative robotics applications for a more sustainable world”

With creativity, imagination, positive energy and hope for the future, more than 1,200 primary and secondary school students filled recently the National Athletic Training Centre of the Olympic Village, presenting original technological ideas at the 2022 Panhellenic Educational Robotics Competition. In the framework of STEM (Science – Technology – Engineering – Mathematics) education, the students created smart robotics applications for digital development of the primary sector and agricultural production. The competition was held for the eighth consecutive year, organised by the WRO Hellas, Educational Robotics and Science Non-Profit Organisation, with COSMOTE as a strategic partner.


Every year we are overjoyed to see more and more students with a passion for technology taking part in the Panhellenic Educational Robotics Competition, creating innovative applications. At a time when our country needs new talent with technological training and skills more than ever before, educational robotics is a fun and creative way for children to get to know the ‘magical’ world of technology. At COSMOTE we believe in a more sustainable world, better for all, driven by technology, and that is why we will continue to support them,” said Mr. Giorgos Athanasopoulos, OTE Group Chief Information Technology Officer.


At WRO Hellas, we have supported students’ understanding of the STEM method and robotics since 2007. Through educational robotics, we endeavour to help them develop other skills that will equip them for life, such as problem-solving, teamwork and project implementation. In cooperation with our strategic partner COSMOTE, we are continuing our effort, standing by the educational community and offering knowledge and free equipment throughout the country,” said Mr. Ioannis Somalakidis, President of WRO Hellas.

Distinctive ideas in the competition

More than 260 student teams – from preschool to senior high school – from all over Greece once again participated in the competition, presenting innovative ideas that stood out. The ‘Robobliblikia’ team from Attica constructed ‘smart barrels’ that, in addition to collecting physical data on the quality of wine, measure the harmful gases produced during the fermentation process, activating an alarm and ventilation system at facilities in case of hazard. Dimitsana’s ‘Lousios Waterpower Team’ presented a smart water management and distribution system, while Larissa’s ‘Robo-Thinkers’ created a robotic system used for agricultural cultivation, monitoring, protection from weather and automatic harvesting of tomatoes and eggplants. The results of the 8th Panhellenic Educational Robotics Competition are available on the WRO Hellas website.

Also honoured for their contribution to the development of educational robotics in Greece were the Deputy Speaker of the Hellenic Parliament, Nikitas Kaklamanis, and the academic Dr. Stamatios Krimigis.


COSMOTE: Firmly supporting educational robotics and STEM in Greek schools
COSMOTE is one of the first companies to systematically invest in the dissemination of educational robotics and STEM in Greek schools, over the past 7 years, as a strategic partner of the Non-Profit Organisation for Educational Robotics and Science WRO Hellas. In this context, COSMOTE:

  • • supports educational robotics competitions, in which 30,000 students have taken part to date
  • • provides support for teacher training seminars, with more than 8,500 participations
  • • has donated more than 850 educational equipment supplies to schools
  • • has presented the first films in Greece on the subject of educational robotics: Robogirl and The Real Robokids These films have raised awareness of educational robotics, fostering a significant increase in participation in the panhellenic competitions.

COSMOTE’s educational robotics and STEM initiatives have benefited so far more than 170,000 students and teachers, and are part of COSMOTE’s strategy for responding to social challenges, including digital inclusion. In this context, COSMOTE supports the development of the digital skills necessary for everyone’s equal participation in the new digital society, with the aim of contributing towards a more sustainable, better world for all.

Source: Press Release