OTE GROUP: 8th National Educational Robotics Competition. Children are the future and their innovative ideas contribute to a better world for all

– Organised by WRO Hellas in strategic partnership with COSMOTE
– Online registration at www.wrohellas.gr

The National Educational Robotics Competition is being held for the eighth year, organised by the WRO Hellas, Educational Robotics and Science Non-Profit Organisation, in strategic partnership with COSMOTE. Every year thousands of primary and secondary school students are developing their STEM skills while presenting innovative technological solutions for different sectors of the society and the economy. During this year’s competition, students are preparing smart technological applications for the the agricultural production. Students interested can register online.

In order to participate in the competition, students need to utilise the basic principles of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), work in teams and carry out research so as to map challenges and propose solutions. By developing skills in communications, problem solving, and programming, Greek students can contribute to the growth and progress of modern digital society and economy.

The need for people with technological studies and skills is rapidly increasing. We are constantly seeking young people with a technological background for the ICT projects we work on at the OTE Group. Educational robotics is an excellent way for young people to engage in technology and pursue relevant studies. COSMOTE’s support for educational robotics is a real investment in young people and the creation of a better world, for all”, stated Mr Giorgos Athanasopoulos, OTE Group Chief Information Technology Officer, while he added: “We are really looking forward to seeing ideas for an automated agricultural production.”

Greek students have been getting to know STEM education and artificial intelligence during the last eight years, like in other economic and technological advanced countries. This year, the addition of microbit to the existing school equipment will enable students to measure, collect, and communicate (cloud technologies) physical quantities – namely, the information they need to develop their project. It is worth noting that students from kindergartens will present their region’s products and the packaging process to us in a unique way. In spite of the pandemic restrictions we are all experiencing, we are once again expecting to see original robotic projects as solutions to modern and smart agricultural production”, stated Ioannis Somalakidis, President of WRO Hellas.

During the National Educational Robotics Competition the Greek delegation that will represent Greece at the 2022 World Robotics Olympiad with the theme: “My robot, my friend”, will occur. To date, the Greek delegations at the World Robotics Olympiads have won 8 medals and 16 distinctions.

More information on the National Educational Robotics Competition is available on the WRO Hellas website. 

COSMOTE, as a strategic partner of WRO Hellas for spreading educational robotics and STEM:

  • • provides support to educational robotics competitions, with more than 25,000 student participations to date,
  • • provides support for teacher training seminars with more than 7,000 participations
  • • has made available to schools, free of charge, over 650 educational equipment supplies
  • • presented the first films in Greece about educational robotics, Robogirl and The Real Robokids. These films increased awareness on educational robotics and caused a significant increase in participation in the national competitions. 

COSMOTE’s initiatives on educational robotics and STEM have benefited so far more than 170,000 students and teachers in total. They are part of the OTE Group’s sustainable development strategy for developing digital skills and ensuring equal participation in the new digital society for all.  

Source: Press Release