OTE: Optical fiber reaches 650,000 homes and businesses – aiming at 1 mn. within the year

650,000 homes and businesses throughout Greece now have access to 100% Fiber to the Home (FTTH) via COSMOTE Fiber – the country’s largest optical fiber network. Stepping up the implementation of its investment plan for the country’s upgrade, which exceeds €3 bn., OTE Group is forging ahead to cover approximately 2/3 of the country’s lines with fiber, bringing FTTH to 1 million households and businesses in 2022 and 3 million by 2027. This is the largest network infrastructure investment made in Greece in recent decades.

In tandem, the Group’s initiative for the free upgrade of fixed-line broadband internet speeds for COSMOTE customers is being implemented, wherever technically feasible. Over 750,000 residential and business customers, in areas, where the optical fiber has not reached households and businesses yet, will see their fixed-line broadband Internet speeds upgraded free of charge to the next commercially available speed in 2022, and in accordance with Hellenic Telecommunications and Post Commission (EETT) approvals. Upgrades have already been implemented for 210,000 customers – approximately 30% of upgradable connections.

The two initiatives of the OTE Group to expand FTTH and immediately upgrade speeds are upgrading the country, as well as radically changing everyday life and creating new prospects for digital growth. They will contribute decisively to the success of the Greek Digital Transformation Bible 2020-2025 and the National Broadband Plan 2021-2027, as well as improve the country’s performance in EU Benchmark, DESI. The Group’s strategic plan, which is shifting the country into higher gear, was announced last December to Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis by the CEO of the Deutsche Telekom Group, Tim Höttges, and the Chairman and CEO of OTE Group, Michael Tsamaz.

The OTE Group is creating the infrastructure that will meet the country’s digital needs for the coming decades, taking it into the future. We are moving dynamically towards the Gigabit Society, and based on our commitments, we are bringing optical fiber to more and more homes and businesses, while also upgrading speeds where technically feasible. Both of these major projects are of enormous importance to the country. I thank all of our people, and especially our technicians, who are carrying out these initiatives,” said the Chief Technology & Operations Officer of OTE Group, CEO CTS, Stefanos Theocharopoulos.  

New COSMOTE Fiber campaign

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The benefits of the deployment of the FTTH network, the complexity of the project, and capitalization on the current capabilities of the COSMOTE Fiber network through the upgrading of speeds are presented in COSMOTE’s new TV spot, with its technicians taking the lead. The people who – with passion, faith and dedication to customers and their needs – are implementing the project that is enabling the country to shift into high gear. Because a faster world for all is a better world for all.

Source: Press Release