TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS certified the first independent automobile repair shops

TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS undertook the training and certification of the first independent automobile repair shops for CNG vehicles conversion in Athens, Thessaloniki and Volos, in accordance with the requirements of the Certifications and Audits Private Protocol which was created in the context of the support of DEPA S.A. for the development of Independent Certified Automobile Repair Shops List.

By this way, TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS actively contributes to the effort of DEPA S.A. for stronger penetration of natural gas to the transportation field in Greece and the maximization of the safety in use.

Specifically, TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS conducted the theoretical and practical training of the staff of the particular automobile repair shops, through a full training program the attendance of which is obligatory for all the licensed technician trainees for fuel gas appliances. Meanwhile, it proceeded to the inspection and the confirmation of particular requirements – specifications regarding the organization and operation of the auto repair shops. According to the Private Protocol, the requirements that the fuel gas auto repair shops must meet for the installation, conservation and repair of CNG systems in vehicles, concern mainly their authorization for CNG systems installation, the building and electromechanical infrastructure, the health and safety of their employees, the equipment, the staff, the quality management system applied as well as the methodology of their audit and assessment. 

The first auto repair shops that had been interested in participating in the network of independent certified auto repair shops for CNG vehicles conversion through the relevant invitation (15181435/2015) and successfully completed the training program and the compliance with the terms of the Certifications and Audits Private Protocol are:


Autogas Tsopelogiannis


Vouliagmenis Ave. 70

+30 2109626633

+30 6937262024

Α. Tsopelogiannis & SΙΑ Ο.Ε.


Tatoiou 101

+30 2102835840

+30 6937262024

Αfoi Ο.Ε.


16th km Lavriou Ave.

+30 2106643490

+30 6942858508



Agias Annis 7 & Iera Odos 111

+30 2103486600

+30 6936981739


Vrochidis-Chatzis Α.Ε.


G. Scholis 29

+30 2311476104

+30 2311476263

G. Theodorou & SΙΑ Ε.Ε.


Giannitson 181

+30 2310523131

+30 6980569069

Stefanides George


25th km N.R. Thessaloniki-Polygyros 

+30 2396022774

+30 6945417177


Ploumistos Nikolaos


2Ν Industrial Park

+30 2421068018

+30 6976215161