European Reliance – MARKET IN joins Asfalistikos Goneas program

European Reliance welcomes MARKET IN in Asfalistikos Goneas program. That way, the program offers a variety of affiliated companies where the policyholders can make their purchases.

More specifically, the holders of Asfalistikos Goneas program ensure the following by doing their daily purchases by cash, debit or credit card in one of 140 stores of MARKET IN:

1.5% return of insurance premiums on any existing or future contract with European Reliance

Free purchases for up to 12 months in any case of hospitalization or loss of life due to an accident.

European Reliance and MARKET IN, celebrate the new collaboration by offering to the holders of the program the following¨

€5 discount on their next purchase,

€500 in addition to the amount of their insurance coverage, only if they make their first purchase at MARKET IN till the end of November.

For further information about the specific collaboration, the offers, the network of affiliated companies but also to get the program, visit or download the new application “Asfalistikos Goneas”.