European Reliance – 39 years of successful presence

European Reliance completed 39 years of presence in the Greek Insurance Market.

A successful presence which started on 11.01.1977 by 19 insurance consultants, in a fierce competitive environment including 149 insurance companies.

Since its first steps, European Reliance identified its Vision, the direction of which remains stable until today: The creation and the development of an organisation which will safeguard the rights of its policyholders, its employees and its investors.

In 39 years of operation, European Reliance:

  • Has achieved performances over the usual limits, such as an increase of 23% in turnover, of 23,5% in net worth, of 25,5% in assets, of 26% in stock and of 15,5% in employment.
  • Has generated benefits for its policyholders through innovative programs that cover every need and especially in the last four years through the “Asfalistikos Goneas” Program, a pioneering insurance program provided free of charge throughout the Greek society.
  • Has received the award of a “True Leaders” company for the sixth consecutive year and it is among the 3 companies which receive this award continuously since the foundation of this institution.
  • Has established a strong sales network with more than 5.000 Insurance Consultants handling over 500.000 insurance contracts.
  • Has been awarded with the Platinum Award for Business Ethics and Corporate Responsibility by the Hellenic Institute for Business Ethics – EBEN GR.
  • Has no overdue debt and no bank loans.

In addition, European Reliance is the only insurance company listed on the Athens Stock Exchange since 1997, with an IPO.

Today, European Reliance, maintaining its philosophy and the principles on which it was built unchanged, i.e. the honesty, the consistency, the diligence and the sound management, it constitutes one of the most reliable insurance companies in the Greek Insurance Market.

It is worth noting that European Reliance, has all required infrastructures of Solvency II implementation, exceeding the required capital criteria of the directive.

Additionally, the company has high liquidity and substantial free reserves.

The Company’s Management, carefully monitors the developments and adapts to the constantly changing environment in order to continue its successful course and ensure the achievement of its Vision.