Alfa-Beta Vassilopoulos: We believe in Creativity-We invest in our Employees’ Children


AB Vassilopoulos supports the program “Υouth Entrepreneurship Summer School” (YES) of Athens University for Economics and Business that runs uninterrupted for seven years, in order to give opportunities to its employees` children to get familiar with the business sector. Due to our commitment in taking care of our employees and their families, this year we give the opportunity to five youths to participate. Through this program, high school students attend a two weeks seminar from university professors and experts that trade in the business sector. Moreover, the children participate in educational games and in analyzing business case studies. Therefore, they learn how to cooperate and how to create business plans. The children who can participate in this program are high school students proficient in the English language and are selected in accordance to the results of a skill test, performed by the Athens University for Economics and Business. Ab Vassilopoulos, supports this program in response to its commitment to develop innovative initiatives and to promote vocational learning. 

In addition, the company contributes to the education of our country`s future generation in the business sector. Dimitris Artikopoulos, Vice President of HR/Organizatonal developer AB Vassilopoulos stated: «During this financially difficult period for our country, it is very important to invest in education so as to prepare future AB Vassilopoulos, supports its employees continuous vocational training and gives opportunities to its employees` children to attend the” Υouth Entrepreneurship Summer School “of Athens University for Economics and Business. In AB Vassilopoulos we believe in people and we provide them with the opportunity to be creative”.